7 Brilliant Tips for Monitor Selection by Expert Stand Builders

Digital screens or displays have become a necessity of custom exhibition stands in modern times. They are used to showcase brand messaging and promotional material. If you want to make a long-lasting impression on the booth visitors, then you have to incorporate the best kind of monitors in your exhibit displays.

If you are soon going to participate in an exhibition and looking for effective tips and suggestions to help you choose the best suitable displays for your booth, you have arrived at the right place. Let the experienced exhibition stand design companies share some valuable insights regarding that. Refer to the following points for details.

Run Time Duration

Traditional TVs are usually made to run six to eight hours per day. On the other hand, commercial display monitors are engineered to run sixteen to twenty-four hours. They generate negligible heat even during such a long runtime and still, they come with in-built cooling equipment to reduce the heat. This feature becomes more beneficial if you have to place them inside a cabinet or hang them on a wall. Integrated cooling systems tackle the trapped heat in such situations.

Image Persistence

Image retention or persistence is the phenomenon when an image burns into the screen temporarily. An image gets shown for a short while even after turning off the device. Commercial monitors usually come with built-in technology to protect against image retention or screen burn phenomena. You cannot find such a feature in consumer TVs.

Brightness of Light

Always look for monitors that work well even in different lighting conditions. You may get bright lighting in your booth, or may even have an outdoor display and low-light screens can ruin the quality of screen images, say experts from trade show booth design companies. As an exhibitor, you don’t want such things to happen. Choose monitors that can adapt to bright and outdoor lighting.

Design Compatibility

While choosing monitors for your exhibit display, anticipate their adaptability in your stand design. Analyse monitor shape, size, mounting options and cabinet housing and match these factors with your booth layout. Any kind of disparity may cause problems and affect the overall aesthetics of your booth design. Keep the design compatibility in consideration to avoid last-minute hassle.

Mode of Orientation

Using the monitors in portrait mode instead of horizontal mode may cause heating issues just as run times. Most of the displays are built for horizontal operations. If you have to use them in portrait mode, seek the choices that can handle the additional cooling requirements due to the vertical position usage.


Most of the displays are warranted for one year. Also, it comes with certain conditions that can’t be violated, otherwise, warranties get void. Seek commercial monitors that come with a three-year warranty or more, that too while covering the commercial use. This approach will save you valuable money over time.


Modern time monitors cannot be imagined without connectivity features including HDMI, display ports, DVI, VGA, and composite videos. Find monitors that accommodate a variety of resolutions and screen sizes, with minimal glare issues, and are easy to handle and transport.

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