5 Tips to Choose The Best Kashmir Holiday Packages

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in India and is a top tourist destination. With its beautiful valleys, lakes, mountains and gardens, Kashmir offers breathtaking natural scenery. Planning a holiday to Kashmir can be tricky as there are many travel packages and options to choose from. In this blog, we will discuss 5 important tips to help you choose the best Kashmir holiday packages.

1. Decide your travel dates

The first step is to decide when you want to visit Kashmir. Kashmir has different weather in summer and winter which impacts activities and experiences. Summer is from May to August and offers pleasant weather for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Winters from December to February see heavy snowfall but offer opportunities for skiing and adventure sports. Monsoon season from September to November sees frequent rains. Picking dates based on your interests will help narrow down suitable packages.

2. Determine your budget

Kashmir packages come in all budgets. Decide how much you are willing to spend to get an idea of package inclusions and experiences. Budget packages focus on basic accommodation and transport while luxury Kashmir packages from Srinagar offer premium stays, guided activities and meals. Consider additional costs like flights, permits or activities not included. Comparing packages within your budget will help shortlist suitable options.

3. Identify your travel style and interests

Are you looking for a relaxed family holiday or an adventurous trip with friends? Do you want to explore local culture and heritage or enjoy outdoor activities? Identifying your interests and travel style will help choose packages catering to them. For example, if you enjoy trekking, look for packages including trekking trails. Families may prefer packages with kid-friendly activities. This will ensure a trip tailored to your preferences.

4. Research accommodation and inclusions

Carefully research the accommodation, meals, transport and inclusions offered by different packages. Check hotel/houseboat locations, room types, amenities and meal plan. Transport arrangements, number of guided activities or excursions and their nature should also be examined. Some Kashmir tours from Srinagar may offer more value than others. Reading reviews and ratings will give you a sense of quality and service standards to expect.

5. Consider add-ons and customization options

Many operators offer add-ons like activities, tours and upgrades you can add to personalized your package. Consider if you may need these based on your interests. For example, you can add a day trip to Sonmarg or Pahalgam if offered. Some operators also allow customizing packages by removing or adding inclusions. This offers flexibility but check if it affects pricing. Weigh your requirements to get the best mix of inclusions in your budget.


With some research and understanding of your travel preferences, choosing the right Srinagar to Kashmir tour package becomes simpler. Factoring in travel dates, budget, interests, inclusions and flexibility offered helps shortlist suitable options. Reading reviews and comparing minutely helps pick packages offering best value. With the right package, you are sure to have a memorable and comfortable holiday experience in Kashmir.

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