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5 Secrets to Improve Calculation Faster in Math Homework

Speed Up Your Math Homework: 5 Tricks for Faster Calculations

Mathematics is all about formulas and calculations, and learning formulas is often easy, but the actual task is computation. Generally, the maths calculation is easy but consumes a lot of time. Also, because of the prohibition of calculators in colleges, students face many difficulties in it. Due to this, they often think, “Should I pay someone to do my math homework?” But what if your mind becomes a calculator and performs lengthy calculations in seconds? For that, you need to learn short tricks and avoid using pen and paper for every simple calculation.

In this article, you will learn how to do some simple and complex calculations on your fingertip only.

Know How to Calculate Fast in Math Homework

During mathematics homework, students can learn the typical formulas very quickly, but the main issue is calculation. It takes so much time to compute several arithmetic operations, and sometimes even a small calculation seems big. So, to overcome this situation, here are some shortcuts that will improve your calculation.

Trick 1: Multiply By 5:

If you want to divide a number by 5 quickly, follow these steps. First, divide the number by 2. If it is an even number, insert 0 at the unit place, or put 5 if it is odd, at the unit place of the result. This way you will have the final answer.

For example, 9362 is an even number.

1: 9362/2=4681

2: Insert 0 at unit place

The answer will be 46810.

Similarly, try with odd numbers.

Trick 2: Division By 5:

When you are tired, even a small calculation like the division of a number seems complex and lengthy. In these situations, students often ask, “Is there anyone who can do my math homework online”? You do not need to worry more about that because now, to divide a number by 5, you need to follow these two steps. First, multiply your number by 2, and then put a decimal point before the last digit of that result. Now, you have the answer in front of you.

Now, try it with an example, 3928.

1: 3928*2=7856

2: 785.6 is your answer

Now, check your knowledge with another number.

Trick 3: Calculate Square:

Finding the square of a number is one of the most typical calculations while doing homework. So, here is the trick for quick computation of the square of a number. To understand more conveniently, take 99 as an example.

  1. a) Find the nearest base of it, which is 100
  2. b) Calculate its difference with the number, 99-(100)=-1
  3. c) Add the difference, 99+(-1)=98
  4. d) Multiply the result with base, 98*100=9800
  5. e) Now, add this result with the square of the difference, 9800+(-1)^2= 9801

Trick 4: Multiply 2 Digit Number by 11:

Some calculations are very time-consuming, and students often seek help from homework writer online to get them done fast. One of them is the multiplication of a number by 11. But here is the short trick for that. Take a 2-digit number and insert the addition of those between them.

Take 72 as an example.

  1. a) 7(7+2)2
  2. b) 752 is the answer

Now, pick a random 2-digit number, and try to multiply it with 11 using this trick.

Trick 5: Subtraction from 100’s Multiple:

Students usually take much time to subtract a number from a multiple of 100 in their homework. If you are one of them, here is the right trick. First, subtract each digit of that number from 9 and the last digit from 10. After that, arrange the result of each accordingly. For example, 739,

  1. a) 9-7=2
  2. b) 9-3=6
  3. c) 10-9=1

So the answer is 261

So, now that you know the shortcuts to performing some calculations, stop using paper pen for them and start calculating in your mind.


Maths is one of the typical subjects, and complex calculations in their homework take a lot of time. Due to this, many students get tired and ask, “Is there someone who can do my math homework?” Therefore, in these scenarios, to make maths a fun subject, the use of a short trick is the best way. So, instead of using pen and paper, start using the above-mentioned short tricks for the calculations. With fast calculation, it will also sharpen your mind.

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