5 Proven Ways To Make Your Characters More Compelling In The Story

No matter if you’re creating magical worlds, plotting political conspiracy, creating a cute and quirky meeting, or any other kind of story, it won’t grab your audience if the characters aren’t interesting. Characters with depth are the heart of any best-seller story.

For authors, a major challenge lies in creating characters that truly connect with readers on a profound level. To make the task easier, here are five tips to help you create attractive characters that will make a story in any media shine! 

Below are these techniques.

5 Ways That Will Make Your Characters More Compelling

Here are ways that can be utilized in order to make your character more attention-grabbing.

Present A Believable Character 

A character that people can easily trust is the foundation of any successful story. Being an adventure story writer, when you are developing a character, it’s a must to make sure that readers connect with the character. 

This doesn’t mean your characters have to be perfect; in fact, flaws and imperfections make them more relatable. Whether it’s an unusual habit, a unique gesture, or a specific way of speaking, these details can transform your characters from two-dimensional figures into exciting personalities.

Give The Character A Secret

Everyone has something they don’t want others to know, and your character is no exception. This secret in the character’s life could be anything from a hidden past, a forbidden love, or a personal struggle. 

By introducing a secret in your story, you create a sense of curiosity in readers. This curiosity forces readers to dive deeper into the character’s life.

A secret that is not shared brings a stronger connection between the reader and the character while adding an element of suspense to your story.

Add The Physical Detail

A physical detail gives your character an imaginary look. So don’t just stop at describing eye color or hair length; explore the unique aspects that set your character apart. 

Perhaps it’s a distinctive scar, a peculiar way they move, or a particular fashion choice. These details not only contribute to the reader’s ability to visualize the character but also serve as subtle hints to their personality and backstory.

Add Its Personality

The next step involves shaping your character’s personality. Give them quirks, virtues, and vices that make them distinct. 

A great character is like a colorful palette, showing various emotions, reactions, and behaviors. Whether it’s a clever sense of humor, a short fuse, or a kind heart, these traits bring your character to life, making them stand out and connect with your audience.

Reveal Wants And Needs

Lastly, revealing your character’s wants and needs adds a touch of humanity to their story. What do they desire most? What are their goals and motivations? 

Understanding what your character wants and needs directs how they act and decide while shaping a story in a dynamic way. It also helps readers relate to the character, as they can relate to the universal themes of aspiration, longing, and fulfillment.


By integrating these five elements into your character development, you’ll not only enhance your storytelling but also grab the audience’s attention.

As your characters tackle challenges and grow, your readers get pulled into a world where fiction and reality mix, making them excited to find out what happens next in the lives of these fascinating characters.

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