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5 Effective Steps To Clean Rangehood Filters


In the home, the kitchen is one of the places that needs regular and thorough cleaning throughout the day. When preparing meals, you must clean the stove, countertops and other kitchen areas. Exhaust and chimneys are used to facilitate cleaning and proper ventilation in the kitchen. Depending on the type of use, you can select the filters. Also, it is essential to clean these filters, for which you can hire a cleaning company in Brisbane. They can help clean the filters deeply to ensure they perform their best and last long. 

If you love cooking, especially Asian cooking or love deep-fried and greasy food, you must learn how to clean the rangehood filters. The filters’ job is to reduce and filter the toxic chemicals, grease, smoke, fumes, and odours from the air to keep it clean. When the filters are not cleaned properly, they cannot perform their job well and probably will not last long. Hence, it is essential to clean them. For spotless cleaning, you can hire a cleaning company in Brisbane or do it yourself (DIY). We have provided below some steps to clean the rangehood filters. 

How To Clean Rangehood Filters?

Use the steps provided below to clean your rangehood filter:  

Step 1: Soak the filter in boiling water

Hot water is an excellent option to clean anything effectively, especially oil and grease containers. Hot water helps strip off the dirt and grime from containers and filters. Boil the water on the stove or fill your sink with boiling water (whichever option is preferred or available). 

Step 2: Add liquid soap and baking soda 

After soaking the filter in boiling water, the next step is to add liquid soap and baking soda. Liquid soap helps loosen the grease and oil on the filters. Baking soda has exceptional cleaning abilities due to its abrasive texture. Baking soda can be used for scrubbing, removing odours, scouring dirt and removing stubborn stains. This solution effectively cleans other surfaces, such as carpets, rugs, and upholstery. For professional cleaning, you can use carpet cleaning services in Brisbane.

Step 3: Leave it for 30 minutes or an hour

Once you have added liquid soap and baking soda, let them rest and do their work. Leaving the filters soaked in soda and soap water will help the dirt loosen up. The oil, dirt, grease and grime will also become loose and can be cleaned easily. 

Step 4: Scrub the filter using a non-abrasive brush

When the water temperature has cooled to lukewarm, you can use a non-abrasive brush to clean the filters. Using a hard and abrasive brush can spoil the finishing of the filters. Hence, gently scrub the filters with a non-abrasive brush to remove the oil, dirt, and grease. Once done, rewash it with liquid soap and hot water for effective results.

Step 5: Let it dry naturally 

After you are done cleaning, let it dry naturally. Do not put wet filters back in the chimney. If you want, you can dry them using a dry cloth. Wipe the dry cloth on the filters to absorb water and let it air dry. Once the filters are completely dry, install them back in the chimney, and they are ready to use.

Hire Professional Cleaning Company In Brisbane

For professional cleaning, you can hire a cleaning company that provides multiple cleaning services such as kitchen, rug and carpet cleaning in Brisbane. They use safe and environment-friendly cleaning supplies to offer spotless cleaning services. Thus, ensure that Ozis cleaners are hired for effective cleaning.

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