5 Benefits of Buying Dettol Hand Wash 5 Litre in Bulk

Focus on maintaining good health and hygiene practices has gained traction in the aftermath of the pandemic. Most of us are now aware of the importance of regular handwashing with soap and water and sanitising our hands with a high-quality alcohol-based sanitiser. In addition, most offices, schools, restaurants, and public places equip themselves with trusted hand hygiene products and promote the use of these to prevent the spread of diseases.

If you are an office administrator, the importance of planning your inventory and stocking up on quality products is quite evident. The Dettol handwash liquid is India’s No. 1 product and is the perfect choice for keeping people in your organisation safe and healthy.

Here are the top 5 benefits of buying Dettol handwash liquid in bulk:

  • Hand hygiene and protection – When you pick out a hand hygiene product like a handwash for your office, school, restaurant, or hospital, the most important consideration should be the efficacy of the product. This will determine the level of cleanliness and keep all staff, students, and guests safe. Based on this, the Dettol hand wash is way ahead of all the other products in the market. Dettol handwash kills 99.99% of germs with every wash. It keeps away bacteria, viruses, and germs that cause nearly 100 respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. This product is recommended for use by the Indian Medical Association.
  • Sans harsh chemicals – Although regular handwashing keeps hands clean and germs at bay, most people remain reluctant to use liquid handwash products for a simple reason. Chemicals in these products often leave hands dry, calloused, and feeling raw. Many people fear the toxic effects of chemical cleaners. Using Dettol hand wash can help resolve this issue. Dettol handwash liquid contains over 85% natural cleaning ingredients derived from plants. It is free from the harsh chemical TCC or Triclosan, often found in chemical cleaners. Dettol is by far the best handwash available in India.
  • Softer, gentler nourishment – Not only does the Dettol handwash liquid clean without leaving traces of toxic chemicals, it actively moisturises and nourishes the skin of your hands. Regular handwashing with soap can strip the skin of essential oils, but the Dettol handwash liquid made from milder ingredients comes with a special moisture seal formula. The moisture retention technology keeps your hands soft and supple and does not let them go dry even after several hand washes. Along with the Dettol Clinical Strength Antiseptic Handrub, the brand’s handwash liquid is the safest and most effective product for hand hygiene.
  • Versatile yet original – The Dettol brand has launched a new range of foaming handwash liquid in a variety of fragrances, such as aloe, coconut and strawberry. The skincare handwash liquid by Dettol comes with a Ph-enhanced formula, perfect for sensitive skin. These can be a great addition to your household cleaning kitty. For offices, restaurants and hotels, schools, or hospitals, the original Dettol hand wash comes with a better fragrance that is loved by most people. Stocking up on the 5-litre pack is a great idea for places with high handwashing needs.
  • The Reckitt Benckiser promise – With over two centuries of experience and expertise in developing and producing cleaning, disinfection, and personal hygiene products, the Reckitt Benckiser group has built an impressive portfolio of products. Among these, the Dettol brand is the most popular and trusted. Equipping your office, home, or school with the Dettol handwash is an affirmation of your quality standards and offers a great deal of reassurance to staff, customers, and guests.

Dettol Pro Services

As an office, school, restaurant, or business administrator, you will need to balance the need for buying in bulk and eventually, stocking the cleaning and sanitation products with the need for minimising costs. The Dettol Pro Solutions website is designed to help you plan your housekeeping needs efficiently and optimise savings by ordering in bulk. You can add all Reckitt Benckiser products to your basket and opt for monthly deliveries over the next 12 months. Ordering through the site helps you avail up to 40% discount on the Dettol hand wash 5-litre price and all other products. In addition, you save on shipping with all large orders.

Dettol No Touch Handwash System

Another product from the Dettol brand that is of great utility in high-traffic organisations such as schools and offices is the Dettol No Touch Handwash System. This is a handwash liquid dispenser system with a refill that allows us to wash our hands without the need to touch the dispenser. The Dettol No Touch Handwash System is also available on the Dettol Pro Solutions website.

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