List of Best Spyware for Android

List of Best Spyware for Android

Mobile phones these days are a basic necessity of life. We are addicted to phones that we can’t even think to leave them for even a day. People of all age use gadgets in one way or another. Teens and adults all have access to smart gadgets on daily basis. But is it the time when w realize that too much obsession with these gadgets is making things difficult for us? Life is getting too dependent on the smart world and digital space and it makes it more and more vulnerable.

To have a check on the consequences of smart gadget usage and usage of spy apps these days are encouraged. The list of best spyware for android is as follows.

TheOneSpy app

In the list of best spyware for android, TheOneSpy comes at number two. Tremendous features with extraordinary characteristics can be enjoyed by using this app.


This is another and one of the best spy apps. It has a lot of features that can be used to keep a check on the target through their gadget. Some of the major features are key logger, screen recording, and more, Keysloger feature gives complete remote access to the target keypad activities. It gives information about the typed keypad thus you can know about the secret accounts or passwords. Screen recording features can also be used for a lot of purposes. It can be used as parental control or employee monitoring.  It offers a lot of other features as well but there are some drawbacks as well. The major con is that it is a little expensive and hence not suitable for users who want an economical app. The app though offers a free version but it comes with a limited number of features.


It is one of the best android spy apps on the market. It offers all of the features quoted above and much more. Some of the significant features include Geo-fencing, Keystroke logging, Social media monitoring, call and text log monitoring, camera bug, mic bug feature, and more. The amazing part is that it is compatible with both android and iOS. It is also compatible with windows. OgyMogy is reliable and easy to use. Its GUI is user-friendly. It is economical as compared to other spy apps in the market with this feature.


It is also one of the best spyware for android. It can be used by parents and employers. One of the major benefits of using this app as it allows you to monitor digital and audio communication. it offers more monitoring features than other spy apps. The app has more than one type so both android and iPhone users can enjoy the services. But the major drawback is that it is expensive and users need to pay extra to avail of the additional features.


This is one of the amazing spy apps used to monitor your kid’s activities. It offers a lot of features. but it is compatible with android devices and its full version is paid. So if you are looking for an app that offers a free bundle or at least a free trial period then this one is not for you.


Some of its features allow the user to track calls and texts, and even deleted ones as well. it also tracks social media apps. Thus it is a good app for those who want social media monitoring features in their life. They can be parents or even businessmen or employers. The app also offers GPS location tracking features as well. It is compatible with Android and basic features are free. But other features are costly.


Cocospy is another spy app. This app will allow you to track call logs, text messages, and also other social media apps. You can see the live location of the target person with the help of this app.

Best spyware for android can be used for parental control or employee monitoring. One can even use the feature for oneself as well. It is necessary to ignore all the myths regarding the use of spy apps and to give it a try for once. It is completely legal to use the app for parental control and employee monitoring. Apart from that written consent is necessary from the involved parties.

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