4 Must-Visit Museums in Kolkata to Explore Its Rich Past

Kolkata is a city which is loved for its rich culture and history. It would not be wrong to say that it is a living museum in itself, with beautiful colonial architecture, diverse cultural festivals and many historical sites that are worth exploring.

Mammal Gallery – Indian Museum Kolkata

If you are a history buff, a culture enthusiast or simply a curious soul, the museums of the city are treasure troves that are waiting to be explored.

Here is a list of the must-visit historic museums of Kolkata that every art and history lover must explore on their trip to the city:

Indian Museum:

This museum is a repository of the ancient times. Founded in the year 1814, it is the oldest and largest museum in the country with a remarkable collection that spans art, archaeology, anthropology, geology, zoology and botany.

Not to be missed are the Buddhist stupa from Bharhut, the Ashoka pillar, the Egyptian mummy and the attractive Gandhara art.

Spend some hours here to fully appreciate the vast galleries. The museum’s library is a must visit place for those interested in further scholarly exploration.

2. Victoria Memorial Hall:

Being a famous tourist attraction in the city, Victoria Memorial Hall is also a place that all history lovers must visit. This white marble building was built as a tribute to Queen Victoria.

It has a museum which houses a large collection of British colonial memorabilia, including artefacts, paintings and sculptures that date back to the important events during the British rule.

When here, one can also enjoy the Sound and Light show in the evening, which beautifully narrates the story of the city and the Victoria Memorial.

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum:

This place is a confluence of heritage and science. Built in 1959, it was the first science museum of its kind in India and is as much a learning center as it is a repository of industrial history.

It showcases the advancements made in technology over the years through interactive displays and shows. The mock-up coal mine and the popular 3D show are must-experience attractions.

One can also be a part of the regular workshops and interactive science demonstration lectures, which makes this place a great spot for inquisitive minds.

Marble Palace:

This 19th-century palatial gives a glimpse of aristocracy. It is a perfect example of the opulence of the bygone era with its marble walls.

Come here and you can marvel at an impressive private collection of Western sculpture and Victorian furniture, along with paintings made by famous European and Indian artists.

A visit to this place requires a special permit that is to be obtained from the West Bengal Tourism Information Bureau. Photography inside the museum is restricted, but the stunning visuals will stay etched in your memory.

Kolkata’s museums are narrators of tales from the times when the city was the epicenter of historical events and cultural awakenings.

So visit them on your next trip to Kolkata to capture the rich heritage and intellectual spirit of the city. For your stay, you can book any of the 5 star hotels in Kolkata that are loved for their excellent services and hospitality. So wait no more and add these museums to your itinerary and let the city’s past fascinate you in ways only Kolkata can.

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