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3 Natural Methods To Clean Bathroom Glasses At Home

Cleaning the bathroom is a cumbersome task, especially when it comes to glass cleaning. Glass showers and mirrors make the bathroom look classy and elegant. A well-maintained bathroom can elevate the look of your home. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The biggest enemy of crystal-clear glass is hard water stains. Hard water stains are stubborn and difficult to remove. Thus, it is essential to regularly clean the glasses, probably with a squeegee, to prevent water stains. To make your bathroom glasses look crystal-clear, you can hire the best cleaning company in Brisbane. You can also use natural remedies to clear the glass for regular cleaning. 

Natural Methods To Clean Bathroom Glasses

For regular cleaning, you can use natural ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda and lime to make your bathroom glasses crystal-clear. These methods are as follows:

Vinegar Solution

The first natural method that can be used to clean the bathroom glass is vinegar solution. Steps to clean using vinegar solution are:

  1. Take a clean, empty spray bottle.
  2. Fill it with vinegar and water in equal quantity. (Only vinegar can be used.)
  3. Thoroughly spray the mixture on the glass.
  4. Let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Rub the glass using a sponge to remove stains.
  6. Using a squeegee, clean the solution residue on the glass.
  7. Clean the glass with a microfiber towel and let it dry.

If the stains are harder, change the solution concentration and repeat the cleaning steps to achieve desirable results. You can hire professional cleaners that offer different services such as bathroom, couch and carpet cleaning in Brisbane if you want a more convenient option. 

Lime and Salt

Another natural method to clean bathroom glass is to use lime and salt; the steps to use them are:

  1. Take a lemon and cut it in half.
  2. Take a plate and pour some salt on it. 
  3. Cover the lemon with salt and scrub it directly onto the glass. 
  4. Ensure you squeeze it and coat it with salt as and when required. 
  5. After scrubbing the glass, rinse it off and let it dry.

You can also clean the glass with other citrus fruits, such as grapefruit. It is an effective way to get rid of hard water stains cost-effectively. However, if you want professional results, you should hire a cleaning company in Brisbane

Vinegar and Bicarb Soda Solution

If you want a strong solution, use vinegar and bicarbonate soda; here are the steps to use them:

  1. Mix vinegar and water and prepare a diluted solution. 
  2. Take a sponge and dip it into the prepared solution.
  3. Sprinkle soda generously on the sponge.
  4. Scrub the glass from top to bottom, inside and outside using the sponge.
  5. Let it rest and react. It will loosen up the stains, making it easier to clean. 
  6. Rinse and let it air dry.

It is a powerful natural solution that can be used for cleaning bathroom glass; it is highly effective for cleaning other things, such as carpets. You can hire carpet cleaning in Brisbane for professional results or use the same solution to clean the carpet.


Glasses look elegant in the bathroom and elevate its aesthetic appeal. But due to regular use, they get dirty quickly. Also, when not cleaned regularly, hard water stains and limescale build up on the glass, which becomes difficult to clean. You can hire the best cleaning company in Brisbane to ensure spotless and crystal-clear bathroom glasses. You can also use natural homemade solutions using vinegar, baking soda, or lime; it is a budget-friendly cleaning alternative with great results. 


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