20×40 Trade Show Booth Exhibit Rental Trends

A 20×40 trade show booth is a booth space that is considered a fairly large booth size that allows for a lot of flexibility in how you design and layout your booth. The dimensional size of the booth is 20 feet wide and 40 feet deep. A booth of this size allows you to create so many trade show booth design ideas as well as many visitors can come inside the booth at a single time.

A 20×40 size trade show booth may cost you relatively high if it is compared to the smaller sizes but the overall ROI or return on investment will be profitable for you. Here are some tips to make the best 20×40 trade show displays:

Focus on an Open Layout:

With 800 square feet of space, you have plenty of room space for an open and inviting layout. Even though you have space to incorporate many items still try to avoid cramping too many tables, displays, and other elements that make the space feel crowded. An open layout looks more professional and will draw more visitors into your booth.

 Create Separate Areas and Meeting Areas:

You can divide the booth into separate thematic areas or zones to make your booth look more systematic. Separate areas make the booth visually interesting and give visitors options to explore.

For example, you can have one separate area for dedicated to product displays, another for a reception desk and chairs, and another for interactive demonstrations. You can also include a private room for staff or meeting with the partners and other important guests.

Provide Seating:

A 20×40 booth has plenty of room for seating, tables, and more private meeting areas. A sitting area gives attendees a chance to rest, enjoy a longer conversation, or meet with your sales team. It allows visitors to spend more time in your booth which leads to more meaningful interactions.

Use Banners and Signs:

For the exhibit display companies large format banners, signs, and displays are ideal for a 20×40 booth. They help brand your booth, highlight key messages of your company, and are visible from far away to draw the attention of the attendees. Place banners along the back wall or hanging from the ceiling.

Offer an Engaging Experience:

With more space, you have an opportunity to custom trade show displays and create an engaging and interactive experience for attendees. Consider the items that are trending these days and incorporate them with your booth theme.

A virtual reality demo, simulation, workshop, or other experience that gives attendees a hands-on understanding of your product or service.  Attendees will be attracted to these items and will desire to visit your booth and after visiting they will spend more time at your booth.

Showcase Your Products:

The most important is to expose your brand and showcase your products predominantly so that more & more people get the proper highlights of it. A booth this size has ample room to display and demonstrate your products.

As an exhibit display company ensure you are highlighting new and premium products in a visually impactful way. Also, provide opportunities for hands-on testing and feedback whenever possible.

Train Your Staff:

With more activity happening in a larger booth, be sure to train your booth staff thoroughly. Also, you may have to hire a bigger number of staff to take care of the booth and attendees more precisely. Go over the layout of the booth and the areas you want to highlight.

Practice how to approach visitors and engage them most effectively based on your booth’s theme and messaging. Well-trained staff will maximize the potential of your 20×40 trade show booth rental in San Diego.

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