15 Best Pokemon Not Included In Scarlet And Violet

Unfortunately, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet doesn’t have all of the Pokemon, so players will be losing out on some great Pokemon.

The fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet doesn’t include all 151 Pokemon is one of the most debated changes to the series since Pokemon Sword and Shield. A lot of fans didn’t like this choice when it was first made public in 2019, but it was always clear that it would be forever for the brand. That was said again in Pokémon Legends Arceus, when the Hisui Pokedex could only hold 240 Pokemon. Also, there are only 400 Pokemon in the Paldea pokedex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. More than a quarter of them are new for Generation Nine.

Since every major Pokémon game adds new starting and legendary Pokémon, it’s not possible that older Pokémon will be included in future games. With more than a thousand Pokemon having won the hearts of fans over more than twenty years of games, there are sure to be some important ones that are missing.

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