10 Tips for Choosing Accommodation on Your Next Trip

When you’re planning a trip, finding the perfect place to stay is key. Whether it’s for business, a long-term adventure, or a quick getaway, you want to pick somewhere that suits your needs.


Think about what matters most to you—like the location, what other travellers have said, and how much it’ll cost. With so many options out there, it might take a bit of browsing to find the right spot.


To help you out, here are eight factors to keep in mind when you’re picking your next vacation spot!


1. Where You’re Headed


Are you heading out locally or venturing into the global scene? Familiar turf or exploring uncharted territories? Consider the lay of the land—urban jungles, coastal retreats, or lofty mountain escapes—all influencing your accommodation choices. In the serene countryside or cosy beach towns, hotels might be scarce, but cosy home rentals abound. Big city lights? Countless options await.


And let’s talk safety! If your destination has a sketchy reputation, a reputable hotel might be the safer bet over shared accommodations. But in welcoming locales, cosying up in a local’s pad can offer an authentic taste of the area.


2. Your Desire for Convenience


When you’re on the go, how much does convenience matter to you? Each type of accommodation comes with its own set of perks. Hotels spoil you with in-room dining, laundry services, toiletries, WiFi, and even medical assistance. Plus, there’s the bonus of airport transfers and helpful concierges to smooth out your stay.


On the other hand, rentals might not guarantee all the bells and whistles, but hosts often go the extra mile, treating you to homemade goodies, local tips, and a cosy atmosphere. Hostels may skimp on amenities, but they make up for it with communal vibes, city guides, and killer discounts on activities.


3. Read Reviews


​​When you’re scouting for a spot to hang your hat, don’t underestimate the power of customer reviews. They give you the real scoop on what it’s like to stay there, beyond the glossy brochure promises.


But proceed with caution—what’s a deal-breaker for one traveller might not faze you. Still, reviews can uncover hidden gems and shed light on aspects you hadn’t considered.


So take your time, browse through different review sites, and dive deep into the feedback. A little extra research could lead you to a stay that makes your trip truly unforgettable.


4. Review the Amenities


A little extra comfort goes a long way during your stay. From free Wi-Fi to a hearty breakfast spread or access to a gym, amenities can sweeten the deal. But not all extras are a must-have—maybe you prefer brunch outings over breakfast in-house.


If you’re all about unwinding, spa treatments and workout facilities might be right up your alley. Just watch out for hidden costs—some amenities come with a price tag.


Booking sites often offer bundled deals with perks included but always read the fine print to know what you’re signing up for.


And for those hitting the road with their wheels, secure parking can be a lifesaver. Double-check the parking situation ahead of time to ensure your ride stays safe and sound.

5. Your Budget


Your budget is the big player in deciding where to crash during your getaway. Think about the total you’re willing and able to splurge while on the road. How much of that are you comfortable shelling out for your stay? What amount ensures you feel secure, cosy, and satisfied?


If you’re counting your pennies, hostels or a room in someone’s digs could fit the bill. Got more to play with? Treat yourself to a swanky hotel or snag a whole place to yourself.


6. Your Travel Companions


Who you’re journeying with—or flying solo—affects where you’ll want to rest your head. If you’re a lone wolf, bunking up in a hostel dorm could save you some cash compared to a hotel room. Want company but still crave your own corner? Snag a room in an apartment.


Got a crew but everyone wants their own digs? Hostels are your go-to. Traveling with a big family or a squad? A rental is your best bet for communal vibes. And if it’s just you and your sweetheart, nothing beats a cosy hideaway in a luxe hotel or private pad for that romantic touch.


7. Pet Rules


If your furry friend is joining your vacation crew, the first order of business is finding a spot that’s pet-friendly. Some places are a no-go for pets, so scratch those off your list pronto.

For hotels that roll out the welcome mat for your four-legged pal, dig into the details. Some offer pet-specific perks, like pet-sitting services while you’re out exploring. Most family accommodations in Parramatta usually allow pets inside their hotels. 


8. Your Activities


Take a breather to sketch out your vacation agenda. Will you be sightseeing non-stop, hitting the great outdoors, or embarking on day trips? Maybe you’re all about unwinding with a good book or soaking in the scenery over your morning brew. Your itinerary plays a big role in choosing accommodations that give you the best bang for your buck.


If you’re hitting the pavement from dawn till dusk, a practical pick for lodging works just fine—you won’t be spending much time there anyway. But if your idea of bliss involves poolside reads or beachside lounging, aim for accommodations where you can kick back and make the most of your downtime.


9. Your Language Skills


Consider whether you’re heading to a place where you’re fluent in the local tongue. If so, you’ve got a wider array of accommodation choices at your fingertips. But if you’re clueless when it comes to the local lingo, a hotel with a multilingual team and savvy concierge is your go-to.


Hostels also cater to language barriers with bilingual staff, handy signage, and group activities where logistics are taken care of. And if you’re keen on honing your language skills, a rental is the ticket. You can immerse yourself in someone’s home, whip up meals together, and chat away to your heart’s content.


10. Safety 


Ensuring your peace of mind throughout your stay means opting for accommodations with top-notch security measures. Look for hotels with controlled access to their lobby and robust room-locking systems. It’s also wise to assess their safety protocols for unforeseen events like fires.


Just as you’d have a plan in place for emergencies at home, it’s crucial to be prepared during your travels too. So, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the safety procedures at your accommodation—it’s an essential step in enjoying a worry-free vacation.


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