10 Simple Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many have been looking for gift ideas for their loved ones. While grand gestures have been the go-to of some, others preferred a more intimate and simple celebration. Whether it’s a celebration between two new lovers or long-time partners, simple gifts are always welcome.

In this article, we’ll give you some simple yet thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Handwritten Love Letters

With the rise of digital apps, sending messages is done in just a few clicks. So, writing handmade letters can be a great gift. While you express your love and gratitude for your special someone, the letter itself is something they can cherish and keep for the years to come. Besides, there’s something about written notes that improve the overall sincerity of the message.

When it comes to the actual card, you can either make your own or buy one from the store, either way, the main effort you need to think about is the message you’re going to write.

2. Photo Collection

Gather all your photos together and print them on photo paper. Since digital copies of pictures are overrated, a customised photo book can also be a great option. You can compile all the photos per memory and year so that you can create the things you’ve done through the years.

On the other hand, if you’re a new couple, you can also include other things you want to do in the future between your existing ones.

3. Cook a Romantic Dinner

Food is always an option as a Valentine’s gift. You can either cook alone for your partner or do it together as another form of bonding experience. It’s not a problem if one is a better cook than the other since they can always chop and prepare the ingredients.

Meanwhile, if both of you aren’t that much of a cook, you can always learn simple recipes online. Cheque some YouTube videos or follow your family recipes.

4. Jewellery

Although jewellery is a classic Valentine’s gift, we include this on the list since it can also be a sentimental symbol. You can look for pink diamond earrings, bracelets, or a ring. However, if you have a limited budget, various jewellery options can also last longer other than the clear or pink diamond.

Nowadays, there are pieces of jewellery that are non-tarnish, and be a go-to, everyday accessory. Aside from that, you may also opt for your partner’s birthstone for a more personalised touch.

Valentine's Day

5. Personalised Gifts

Are you looking for more personalised gift options? With the wide range of stores that offer customised items, it’s easier to find one that suits your partner’s personality. Some of the items that are usually up for customisation are pillows, cups, planners, and tote bags.

Although these are simple items, the idea of having them customised can serve as something special for the gift. Once you’ve picked the right item, the next is to think of the design.

6. Plant a Symbolic Tree

Have you ever seen the film, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”? If not, spoiler alert!

Anyway, this doesn’t mean you should lose your partner in ten days, but in the film, there’s a ‘love fern’ involved. Andie (played by Kate Hudson) gave Ben (played by Matthew McConaughey) a fern planted in a pot, which symbolises their relationship.

However, Ben doesn’t pay much attention to the love fern, and it starts to wither. Fortunately, when Ben realises he loves Andie, there’s still time to save the love fern, and it goes back to being alive again.

7. Movie Marathon

With the variety of streaming platforms nowadays, it’s easier to have a move date. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can prepare some additional things to make it a little extra. Aside from popcorn, you can bake some cookies, have some wine and a charcuterie board, and make a blanket fort. You can also install some fairy lights for a more romantic set-up.

8. DIY Spa Day

If your loved one doesn’t prefer going out on a busy day, you can always treat them to a DIY spa day. Gift them a care package that includes scented candles, face masks, body scrubs, bath bombs, and other pampering products.

Valentine's Day

9. Subscription Services

Aside from a care package, consider looking into the hobbies of your partner, and look for subscription services. For instance, if they love drinking wine, there’s a variety of stores that offer monthly delivery of various wines based on the preferences of your partner.

Aside from that, you can also look for vouchers, so that they can still choose their preferred items.

10. Revisiting a Special Place

How about revisiting the memorable places you’ve spent time before? Whether it’s the place where you first met or your first day, taking a stroll down the money lane is a great way to strengthen the bond of your relationship. In addition, this can also help you realise how your relationship has been before and after visiting the place.

Final Thoughts

Share the love with your special someone this Valentine’s season in a simple yet memorable way. You can start with these ideas or think of other simple gifts you haven’t thought of before. In the end, the best gift is that you can spend more time together, especially on days like this.





Aliana Baraquio is currently writing for Musson Jewellers Australia, a rare and enduring jewellery design business that has been providing the finest jewellery for over 40 years in Sydney. Her free time is composed of her phone and new comics to read. 

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