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10 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India in 2023

List of Fruit Trees with Faster Growth

Many home gardeners have low patience when thinking of growing any fruit in their yard. This is because most fruit trees in India take a long time to grow and get fruits. However, some fruit trees grow fast and start producing fruits within a few years or months of planting. For a quicker yield, you can think of transplanting plants from the nursery. 

If you are the one looking to grow quick-harvesting fruits, this blog is for you. Here, you will get a list of fast-growing fruit trees in India. They are easy to maintain and start power production early.

List of Fruit Trees with Faster Growth 


This fruit plant grows in humid, tropical conditions. Moreover, the development of bananas takes place in hanging clusters, which are known as hands. According to the ripening and variety of the fruit, the banana gets a yellow, green or brown peel. 

On the other hand, its edible part gets starchy, sweet, and filled with fibre and vitamins. If you want to know that the fruit is ripened, you can check the upper hand of bananas if the colour has started turning yellow-green and plumpy.


It is also a fast-growing fruit tree. It takes 2-3 years to bear fruit. However, there are a few varieties that can be harvested after one year if proper care is given. The length of this tree is around 20-25 feet. However, the frequent pruning of the tree keeps its height at 12-15 feet. 

For your information, a peach tree bears fruit through a cross-pollinating technique. You can grow two different varieties through this technique with the same flowering time. Besides, the fruit has yellow to white flesh with a floral note.

Citrus Tree

The citrus or nimboo tree is one of the most popular fruit trees grown in Indian gardens. This is because its citrus fruit keeps the garden area filled with fresh aroma. The citrus fruit has a high amount of potassium, folate and other nutrients that help keep your heart healthy and boost immunity. If you want to get the citrus harvest as early as possible, grow varieties like Eureka and Meyer. These varieties will surely provide you with fruits sooner.


Apricot is a self-pollinating fruit; therefore, you just need to grow a single tree for a sufficient yield. If you plant an Apricot tree, it will grow faster. Although, you have to wait for 2 years to get the first yield of fruit. Apricot has a sweet-tart flavour that you can experience when it’s fresh. Also, not all varieties of this fruit tree grow at a faster rate. However, some of the fastest-growing Apricot fruit varieties are Moorpark and Early Golden.


You must be thinking how this tree made a spot on our list because the mulberry tree bears fruit after a long time once the tree is well-established. It is one of the fastest-growing trees that can grow 10-12 feet within 3 years. But if you go with the grafted one, It will start producing fruits as early as possible. The mulberry fruit looks like blackberries, and its colour can vary from red to dark purple. 

Fig Tree:

The Fig tree produces a juicy fruit with a crispy seed inside. People like to consume it in dried form as compared to the fresh one. This fruit is highly nutritious, with a high content of iron and antioxidants. These nutrients help cure iron deficiency and reduce sugar curbing and blood pressure.

If the leaves and stems of the trees are broken, the tree releases a white latex. Moreover, people consume Fig at a large scale due to its nutrients and health benefits. Farmers fulfil such a huge demand using a Captain tractor and other farming equipment.


This fruit tree starts bearing fruits once it grows to a height of 10-12 feet. It grows aromatic fruits with a creamy texture and sweet pulp wrapped around inedible black seeds. The fruit is low in cholesterol and has a high content of nutrients such as vitamin C, manganese, iron and potassium.

You can eat pulp of this fruit either raw or used in preparing shakes and icecreams. Sitafal is produced on a commercial scale, for which farmers need to use a tractor and several farming implements. Yet the ownership of these equipment may affect their profit. Therefore, checking tractor prices and other implement costs is a must for effective Sitafal farming. They can consider a Hindustan Tractor as the tractors of this brand are highly cost-effective and value-for-money vehicles.

Ber Tree:

It is one of the fastest-growing fruit trees that develop in a crown shape with drooping branches. The ber fruit is tarty-sweet and juicy. All the fruits of this tree ripen at different times. Initially, they are green and turn red upon ripening.


This fruit tree is also known for producing fruits early. However, it grows up to 20-25 feet. The leaves of this tree are deeply lobed, while the fruit has sweet orange flesh that’s musky in taste. The time to harvest fruit from Papaya trees is when they are half yellow or not fully yellow. This is because it may be split open by birds and flies.


These are some of the fast-growing fruit trees you can grow in your backyard. Some of these fruit trees take a little longer to produce fruit. Yet there are several planting techniques like grafting and cutting. You can grow plants faster and get a fruit yield earlier. 

The commercial production of these fruits is also done to fulfil their high demand in the market. Farmers can use Ace Tractor for orchard farming of these fruits on a large scale.

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