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The World of Mixed Media Acrylic painting and Its Techniques!

Do you know which famous painters’ work is attributes to mixed media art? Well, it is none other than Pablo Picasso! His mixed media work is instantly recognizable and showed the world that art can be any combination of things. You too, can unleash your creativity with acrylic and mixed media with the mixed media art classes that are offered at

Let’s Understand What Is acrylic and mixed media.

First, let’s begin with mixed-media art! It is a fairly new concept that is composed of a combination of media or materials, like it can be a mixed media acrylic painting, oil or acrylic paint, and even color pencils that bring about stunning visual effects.

What Makes mixed-media acrylic painting the best?

It’s advisable to choose mixed media art classes that teach using acrylic paints because an experienced artist knows its benefits. Let’s explore them too!

Reason 1: Sticks on any surface

There is not much hassle when using acrylic and mixed media because acrylic paints can easily stick to any surface as compared to oil paints or watercolors. You can paint on various surfaces that include canvas, wood, paper, cloth and much more when they have been properly coated with gesso!

Reason 2: Fantastic as a base layer

At the best-mixed media art classes at Acrylic paints are used to teach you because they prove to be the best base layer. Once the acrylic paints dry, any other color in the form of ink, colored pencil, oil paints etc. can be added on the top.

Reason 3: Enhances your mixed media art project

Using acrylic and mixed media is a preferred method that brings about the bold color and vibrant colors that you need. The outcome of your art project is impressive!

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The various techniques to learn in mixed media art classes

When you enroll yourself in the best-mixed media art classes at, you realize that there is no right or wrong way of doing mixed-media acrylic painting. Take a look at some of the techniques to be learned at

Technique 1: Collage Technique

One of the most popular mixed media art techniques is collage! You can use different materials, from paper to fabric to photographs to newspapers, over acrylic paints to create your piece of art.

Technique 2: Stenciling Technique

Stenciling is yet another technique to create eye-catching patterns as part of your mixed media art. You can comfortably use them to make your mixed-media acrylic painting.

Technique 3: Sculpture Technique

Another technique to explore mixed media art is sculpture, which takes your creativity off a traditional canvas.

Technique 4: Portrait Technique

Mixing drawing with painting is a popular abstract mixed-media painting technique and is great for creating unique portraits. You can achieve this by using acrylic paints with mixed media.

Technique 5: Layering Technique

You can consider the layering technique as the cornerstone technique in mixed media acrylic painting that offers not only dimension but also versatility as a mixed media art form best taught through the mixed media art classes at It involves creating layers using various material that comes with texture, color, and character. It helps create a multidimensional artistic expression with the use of diverse materials with acrylic paints while expressing your creativity!

Try it out! Make Your mixed media acrylic painting masterpiece!

Art and Success provides you with some quick and easy steps to get you started with your acrylic and mixed media masterpiece!

  1. Put some acrylic paints in splotches on the chosen surface and then spread it out using a brush or scraper! It creates some areas of mixed color.
  2. Then use some tools like crayons, pencils, etc., to create marks on the surface.
  3. Next, place a stencil on top of the surface and apply the acrylic paint loosely with a spreader
  4. Continue with the mark-making tools and spreader to make your mixed-media acrylic painting complex.
  5. You could choose to add some collage material in several areas using acrylic medium.

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