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Why to Study in Australia by Bangalore Study Abroad Agents

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. It makes it one of the best destinations for higher studies. People are very friendly in Australia. It welcomes the students to a marvellous, diverse culture. It is one of the top reasons making Australia the best place to study.

However, there are many more reasons to opt for Australian studies. Read this article to know all the reasons by study abroad consultant in Bangalore. 

Top Reasons to Study in Australia

There are many factors that make Australia the best place to study. One major factor is Australia’s well organized education system. It offers a number of courses to students in world class colleges. It helps students get many job opportunities. However, it attracts many students every year. Thus, this makes Australia a land of diverse cultures. Let’s know all the factors in detail.

Best in education

Australia stands in the top ranking for the best education system in the world. This is because there are strict laws for the education of every student. These laws ensure a standard of education that is regulated by  TEQSA and ASQA. Thus, it makes Australia the best place to study abroad.

Best courses in top institutes

Australia offers a wide range of courses in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. There are 41 institutes in Australia. Among these 41 institutes, 38 colleges are own by the government. These institutes run these courses to polish the skills of the students. 


Studying in Australia is affordable for Indian students. It is because government of Australia funds most of the colleges. However, students have to pay 20,000 AUD to 50,000 AUD per year as tuition costs for a bachelor’s degree. Similarly, 22,000 AUD to 60,000 AUD for a masters and 22,000 AUD to 70,000 AUD for a doctoral degree. It is cheaper than in any other country.

Cost of living in Australia

Australia has a low cost of living and affordable tuition fees. The cost of living includes rent, bills, health care, travel, and some extras. It costs between 1,500 AUD and 2,500 AUD. However, the cost of living directly depends on each person’s way of life.


Many students enjoy scholarships given by the ministry and institutes every year. These scholarships help the student to manage their finance. However, students get confused when selecting the best program. This is because the government runs many programs. So, you can contact a Study Abroad agent to learn more details. Here is a list of a few popular programs for financial aid to students. 

Australian Award Scholarship

This financial aid is given to Indian students who study engineering in Australia. Students enjoy benefits such as free studies, free flight tickets, health care, and more. Students can apply to get this scholarship from February to April. 

Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships

This program is made to support studies for global students. It is valid for only 2 years. It benefits all students up to AUD 124,000 in expenses. Moreover, it also provides stipends to students. Thus, it helps students to manage their living in Australia.

However, many more aid programs are run by colleges and the government of Australia. You can contact any study abroad consultant in Bangalore to know all the details in brief.

Know About the Intakes in Australia

Students can apply for admission to Australian colleges thrice a year. The applications are open at different months of the year. However, there are big differences in these intake programs. Let’s know about it!

1) February intake

It is also known as the semester one or primary intake program. Many students apply for this intake. It offers all courses to students and along with scholarships to support their living in Australia. Students can apply from October to November of the previous year. However, the span of this semester is Late February or early March to late May or early June.

2) June intake

June is when semester 2, or the second intake, starts. It begins in late July or early August and ends in November. Students can apply for intake in the months of April and May. Students get a chance to opt for the majority of courses. However, few financial aid programs are given to students during the June intake.

3) November intake

It is also known as the third-semester intake program. Students can apply for this intake in September. This semester starts in late November and lasts until January. However, few courses are offered in this intake. It provides fewer scholarships than the June intake.

Step-by-Step Process to Study in Australia

Study abroad agents follow these steps to ensure the admission of the students. Aspirants must follow these steps to make the process of studying abroad easy.

  • First, choose the program and institute to study
  • Check the admission dates.
  • You must also check the admission requirements.
  • Arrange all documents like passports, academic transcripts, etc.
  • Apply for intake to the college
  • Accept the offer letter and pay the tuition fees.
  • Get a confirmation letter from the college
  • Start preparing for the English language test
  • Apply for a study visa.
  • At last, start preparing for departure.

However, a study abroad agent can make this process easy. They are full of knowledge. Hence, they help students to make their journey reliable through their services. So, you should also hire a consultant. They will help you study overseas reliably. 

Summing Up

Now, you have your answer for why study in Australia. In addition, Australia has the best education. It is also the world’s safest country. It helps students to feel safe in a diverse culture. But it is not easy to get admission in Australia. This is because many people apply for intake in Australia to study abroad every year.

Now, if you are planning to study in Australia, you must hire an agent. An agent will make the steps to your abroad journey easy. The agent will help you get admission and a study visa. Moreover, an agent will also assist you in getting the best scholarship. Thus, it will provide a reliable path for your study overseas journey in Australia.

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