Understanding How to Remove Print Restriction from PDF Files

Instantly remove print, copy, edit restrictions from PDF files with ease using PDF Unlocker Tool

PDF is the most popular document format used for printing and sharing purpose. Unfortunately, many times users find it impossible to print their PDF documents because of the disabled Print option. The only reason for this greying out of the Print option is that the PDF document is secured with password protection and the printing permission is disabled on it. So now you must be wondering, what is the solution now? How to remove print restriction from PDF? Yes, this is the first question that pops up in our mind. Don’t panic, you are at right place. Read this blog where you will get different solutions to resolve your problems. Check and verify the methods yourself and then choose the best one that suits your needs. But first, lets look at some users’ queries to have a better understanding of their problems.


Today, I received a project report in PDF file from my manager for printing on urgent basis. Whenever I am trying to print the PDF, it is not responding. First, I thought my system was hanging and restarted it. but again, I am not able to print the PDF file. And it is responding (no problem with my machine and PDF file.). the only problem that I now noticed is that the Print option is disabled in the file. And even Ctrl + P command is not working. I am not getting why this Print option is not working. Can someone please help me resolve this issue as I need to submit the hardcopy today only.

– Peter

I am a student and preparing for my final exams. My senior had sent me some important notes for exam preparation in a PDF. I can read these notes in my laptop, but I also need to have them in printed form. Now the problem is that I can’t print this file. Nothing is working; the print command, shortcut command, nothing. If anyone knows the answers to my query, then please suggest me the same.


Various Methods to Print Protected PDF Files

When PDF file is secured with permission password, it will show (Secured) alongwith its file name [e.g. abc.pdf (SECURED)], in the title bar of PDF Reader app such as Acrobat Reader. And this secured status is the symbol of disabled printing, editing, copying permissions on PDF documents. There are various method using which you can remove printing restriction from PDF. Let’s elaborate both the methods.

Method 1 : Use Adobe Acrobat to Print Non-Printable PDFs

Requirements :

  • Permission password
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Pro Edition

Once the requirements are fulfilled, follow these steps to remove print protection from PDF files

  • Open Adobe Acrobat DC Pro edition
  • Tap on File >> open secured PDF file
  • Under Document Properties window, tap on Security Tab
  • Under Security Method, choose No Security option
  • Now enter Permission Password and hit OK
  • Click OK to confirm to remove printing restriction
  • Now, click on OK button and move to File Menu
  • Lastly, save the PDF at your chosen location.

What If Permission Password is Not Known?

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a multi-tasking application for performing various PDF tasks. But, if the permission password is not known, then this method is not workable. Without knowing the owner password, it is impossible for anyone to remove print restriction from PDF using Adobe Pro DC. Therefore, it is suggested to use professional solution.

Method 2 :   Professional Solution to Enable Print Restriction on PDF Files

Considering the major drawbacks of the manual method, it is suggested to use a professional tool such as CubexSoft PDF Unlocker Tool. The application is ideal solution that permits PDF permission to print restricted PDF files. Besides enabling print permissions, the tool also enables other permission rights of copying, editing etc.

The software creates a new PDF file absolutely free from all password protection. The tool is also capable of removing known password protection from PDF files. Users are also permitted to save resultant files at desired location. In addition, the software generates log report of the entire PDF unlocking process.

How to Remove Print Restriction on PDF File?

  • Install and open PDF Unlocker software on Windows PC

launch software

  • Add PDF files/folders using the Add Files/Add Folder button

add files to remove print restriction from PDF files

  • If you want to remove any unnecessary PDF file, then click on Remove/Remove All buttons

remove PDF files

  • Choose the required destination location to save resultant files and hit Unlock button

click unlock to remove print protection from pdf

  • The software will start unlocking PDF files and displays its live progress report

view unlock process

  • Once the process is successfully completed, a new pop-up window opens showing the message “Process completed successfully”.

process done


Now days, PDF files are used in all forms such as bank statements, hospital reports, e-books, manuals etc. However, due to security reasons, these documents are restricted for printing and therefore, users are unable to print them. In this article, we have discussed about various methods to remove print restriction from PDF documents. But, because of drawbacks of the manual method, users can opt for professional software and understand how to remove print protection from PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of restrictions are removed from PDF files?

A. Yes, the methods discussed in this article are capable of removing all types of restrictions from PDF files including print, copy, edit etc.

Q. How can I print PDF invoices?

A. Follow the step-by-step procedure, as discussed above, to remove printing restriction from PDF invoices.

Q. Can I use this tool on Windows OS?

A. Yes, this software is workable on all Windows OS editions – 11, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.

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