Ultimate ICO Marketing Strategies to Promote Your ICO Successfully

An initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an effective and adoptable method to raise funds for a digital startup. ICO launch may appear simple and transparent at the initial stage, and that is the reason why in 2017-18, it was the most preferred method to launch ICOs without marketing. 2018 was the golden year for ICO when it boosted, however, many scam projects also occurred during this time. You may think that ICO is dead now, but it is more alive and most trusted ever if an effective ICO marketing services strategy is implemented. ICO projects capitalised on their venture with over $4 billion in 2017, and in mid-2018 the funding touched $17.8 billion. After facing a downfall by the end of 2018, it gained in 2019 raising over $14 billion. In 2024, it is expected to reach double numbers in funding.

In 2024, when competition has risen so much, we cannot expect success of ICO with usual efforts, we need to imply robust ICO marketing strategies. Effective ICO marketing methods aim to develop a strategic plan to raise demand. Marketing is crucial for investors to build trust in ICOs. Here are the top ICO marketing strategies that can take your ICO project to the top.

ICO Whitepaper

There can be so many product or technology structure specifications utilized in marketing. But a whitepaper is the best way when it comes to cryptocurrency marketing. A whitepaper contains all the details of an ICO. If an investor is interested in researching, your whitepaper is the first document they will interact with or gain information from. So, during the whitepaper creation, you need to explain the technical aspects of the ICO, highlighting the benefits for investors. In a detailed whitepaper, you should include the following things:

  • Project ideation as per the market trends
  • Team’s capability and expected ROI
  • Tokens distributions
  • Roadmap
  • Policy to deal with scams and frauds
  • Business Responsibility
  • Stunning design of the whitepaper.

Build a Stunning Website

It is the obvious thing that in this digital world, most of the investors go through the website and gain information of the project. Website is the perfect way to present your project in short and understandable manner. Major benefits of investing in your ICO should be displayed on your website. If your website designed using proper visual effects, it will draw investors’ attention. Therefore, give priority to your website design, instead of texts. SEO is a must thing when it comes to building a perfect and competition-ready website.

ICO Listing Calendars

If you ask about the perfect remedy to drag the attention of investors, the most recommended practice is to list on sites that manage ICO calendars. During the launch your project will get enough prominence. It is a rule for registration on these sites to provide minimal information regarding the project, title, information about the token, website, and contact details. Coincodex, CoinGecko, and ICOdrops are some of the popular calendars.

Issue Regular Press Releases

Press releases are the best ICO marketing strategy that can boost the promotion of a project. Press releases work as professional newsletters that are shared through news websites and generate interest in the project. Press releases are released regarding important project development events. You can publish them using a network of specific news platforms. Display your latest exciting offers for investors.

Social Media Promotion

The best advantage of ICO promotion through social media is that there are many professional platforms to get started your social media journey from. Apart from Bitcointalk being the most popular social media platform, Quora and Reddit are also effective. LinkedIn publications can also attract interested investors and professional crypto enthusiasts to invest in your project. Facebook and Twitter have stoped ICO promotion practices. However, short videos on Youtube and Instagram work well.


Pay per click or paid ads on social media can generate better results than traditional methods. However, still you need to apply some strategies. Only throwing money for paid ads won’t work for your ICO. Paid ads can boost the traffic and indirectly and it also makes SEO strategies more effective. Google Ads offer a better way to increase traffic of a website charging minimal pay-per-click. SEO is also one of the best marketing method to raise funds. SEO can boost your website ranking and attract more traffic. The more visitors, the more investors, and ultimately the more success at your door.

Bounty Campaigns and Airdrops

Running bounty campaigns is the latest marketing method that can create hype over your project. Such campaigns help build a separate community around your project and ease the task of marketing. In this, people are encouraged to promote the ICO and get the rewards in return. The intricacy of tasks and the number of tokens released should be balanced as too much reward can indicate it is a scam and too low a reward may not motivate people to promote it.

Influencer Marketing

Today, influencers are ruling the social media world and people are taking their advice and recommendations seriously. Find out influencers in your niche area which is ICO. Let them promote your ICO and expand your reach to their loyal subscribers. Influencers also boost the trust in the project and can increase the conversion rate due to the registrations and subscriptions.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the simplest methods of ICO marketing, yet most effective at the same time. You can sent your potential investors enticing newsletters and a personalized message through emails. This strategy can retain investors and even attract fresh ones through registration forms and subscriptions. You can build a separate community for your ICO projects whom you can send emails about news, offers, and many other things that keep them excited and engaged.

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ICO marketing strategies are not difficult to implement but you need a perfect plan and expert guidance to do so. SAG IPL ICO marketing agency can help you apply robust techniques. You need to keep all the above-discussed marketing methods before implementing them. Study different case studies of successful ICO projects and learn from them what to include and exclude in these strategies to save your energy and extra cost. Contact SAG IPL for more information.

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