Latest mobile phones and tablets Features and Accessories

Living in the 21st century, we need different appliances to work with. Smart devices have become the need of the hour today when technology is advancing. We need technology and artificial intelligence today to stand within the community.

This is where mobile phones and tablets come in.

Importance of Mobile phones and tablets: 

Mobile phones and tablets not only play a role in professional life. But they also help monitor your daily chores. Even if they are household chores or any other work.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones are the smart devices produced by so many tech brands. This device has so many advanced features. Mobile phones are the most important part of today’s life. This also has some side effects.


Tablets are exactly similar to smartphones. The only additional feature they have is the larger display. They have a larger screen than smart phones This makes them a better option for media consumption. Their amazing features make them a big source of entertainment.

Types of Mobile and tablet:

Types of mobile phones:

Different types of tech devices are available in the market today. They include smart phones and feature phones. The smartphones are further categorized into the following categories:

Flagship Smartphones:

These smartphones are the perfect blend of advanced features and technology. These smartphones provide amazing designs and have so many advanced features. Moreover, high-quality products and processors are available in them.

Foldable smart phones:

These smart phones work on the latest processors. This is a foldable mobile phone. It folds in half dividing the screen. Furthermore, when it is opened, it has a very large display screen.

Moreover, this smart phone has a very high-quality camera. This enhances the quality of pictures. This works both as a mobile and tablet.

Feature phone:

These can also be called as a part of mobile phone sub categories. Feature phones are not exactly like smart phones. They do not have bigger screens and touchpads. Instead, they have keypads.

Types of Tablets:

Smart Tablets:

Smart tablets are the ones having different features. They do not only have the features of a tablet. But they also have some features of smart phones. Moreover, they have the built-in amazing entertainment features.

They provide games and other entertainment software. Above all, they can also work like smart phones. They have amazing calling features. You can use them for texting and video calling as well. So here you can get the qualities of both mobile and tablet.

Drawing Tablets:

These are other kinds of tablets used mostly by graphic designers. They do not work as smart tablets. They are efficient for being used as a notepad along with their stylus pen. This pen can help you draw virtually in another world.It does not work as a normal tablet. Furthermore, this is also called a graphic tablet.

This article deals with different mobile and tablet price in Pakistan.

Mobile and tablet:

Mobile and tablets are the devices working on smart technology. But they are still partially dependent on some devices. Following is the list of some buy mobile and tablet accessories.

Mobile and tablet Covers:

Mobile acrylic covers are the accessories of mobile. They add to the beauty of smartphones. These covers not only work for beauty purposes. Moreover, it provides a protective cover for smartphones.

Mobile and tablet Chargers:

Chargers are not only an accessory. They are an integral part of the device. Chargers work as a power supply for your device. Moreover, chargers have cables. These cables can also be used for the data transfer process.

Waterproof bags:

Waterproof bags are an important accessory for an Android phone especially. The Android phones are not water resistant. So, for any kind of underwater shooting or even in rain, waterproof smart phone bags are a very useful accessory.

Flexible Mobile holder:

Mobile holders are an important accessory. This allows the user to keep the mobile in place while doing some kind of task. Furthermore, these mobile holders are usually used by vloggers and different social media persons for recording videos. Moreover, this provides your phone stability. Hence the recorded videos are much more stable.

Screen Protectors:

These are the most important tablet and mobile accessories. The tech devices are delicate ones. These technical devices are always risky and prone to breaking. Moreover, this can result in the severe tech damage. So, providing a protective layer to the mobile phones and tablets is a better option.

Universal touch stylus pen;

The stylus pens are the accessories of mobile phones and tablets. They are then pens by which you can operate your mobile phones and tablets. These are usually used for the touch screens of mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile and tablet price in Pakistan:

Mobile and tablet price in Pakistan is a very debatable topic. There are different price ranges for mobile and tablet as per their specifications. The most basic price range starts from the feature phones in any market. They are the most affordable category of phones available in Pakistan. They start from 4000/- to 4500/-

Then next comes the smart phones. They have a wide range of prices.  The basic starting price of a smart phone is almost 15,000/- and above.

Then comes the tablets. They are premium products and have a price range that falls on the premium side. The good quality tablet starts from almost 17,000/- and above.

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