Top Tips to Take Care of Your Trade Show Display

As an exhibitor, your job does not end with the trade show. There is a lot you need to do after the trade show to boost profits and minimize losses. Taking care of your trade show display is one of the things you need to do. Trade show displays are costly products and if they get damaged post trade show, they can incur losses close to thousands of dollars. Thus, you cannot afford to be careless with your trade show display. It is important to properly disassemble them and preserve them in a safe warehouse. To minimize post-trade show hassle, you can prefer to get end-to-end services from professional custom trade show booth design. If you are on your own, consider following the below-mentioned tips to easily take care of your trade show display.

Inspect Your Display Before Pack-up

It is important to check that all your display components and appliances are properly working or not before packing up. If something has been damaged, keep it aside for repair or disposal. Make a note of all the damaged components so that in future setups, you will know which components you would have to buy. Moreover, it is a good idea to clean your display components to ensure safe storage. Be sure to remove grit, oil, and grim from your appliances, displays, and furniture. In case of minor wear and tear, solve the issue right away to avoid the hassle later on.

Ensure Proper Dismantling

Correctly dismantling your trade show booth is almost as important as installing them. All the trade show booth displays must remain in proper condition after you dismantle them. It is advisable to keep the same team for installation and dismantling to avoid any problems. Create a checklist of all your purchased components and ensure that they are all removed and packed. Label the components so that you can easily identify them in future setups.

Get a Proper Storage Place 

Throwing your components somewhere in an unsafe place will turn out to be a grave mistake. For trade show booth rental costs and components, there must be a proper warehousing solution. Get a place in a safe inventory to store these components. Use a proper protective shield and covers to protect the components from dust and moisture. Padding sensitive items such as light bulbs can protect them during transportation. Contact your booth builder to get inputs on how to package display units for safe preservation.

Go for Deep Cleaning If Necessary 

If you have used display components in only one setup, they would still look new. Minor damages and spills can be easily fixed with minimum hassle. However, after multiple setups, your components might get quite rusted or soiled. In such situations, go for deep cleaning to increase the shelf life of the components. You might also have some fabrics that require special attention and do not get cleaned by the washing machine. Deep cleaning must be done by professionals to avoid damage and stains. Since your 40×40 exhibit booth informs visitors about your brand, it is essential to keep them neat and clean.

Ensure Proper Maintenance 

If you have no idea when you will be the exhibition booth design company next, you must ensure proper maintenance of your components. Protective shields and covers are only precautionary measures. You must have a team in place that regularly checks the components and cleans them. If the appliances and displays stay in the inventory for a long time, proper maintenance is required to retain their quality and functionality. Without proper maintenance, the shelf-life of the display units can decrease resulting in expensive losses.


Post-trade show, you must be careful with your booth units and display components. Preserving them at a safe location is important to keep them ready for the future. The blog explores some practical tips you can employ to simplify the storage of your trade show display. Get reliable and transparent services for trade show booth rental in Miami from legit booth builders. Considering the amount of maintenance work that your booth requires, it is advisable to go for an end-to-end booth builder and get streamlined solutions from start to finish.

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