Top Acrylic Wall Toy Storage For Kids’ Bedrooms

acrylic wall toy storage

What’s not to love about a kid’s room? All the colors, toys, cartoon character-type things, and cool books on display, can leave most adults nostalgic. But if you have one child or more, it’s only a matter of time before your adult persona starts kicking in. You find yourself needing storage solutions to help organize your child’s cool things, as the mess is stressing you out. In any child’s room, glass storage units are a serious no-go. This is because glass can break easily, and if your child is in the wrong place, at the wrong time, this is dangerous. For organizing your kid’s bedroom, you’ll want to opt for a safer storage solution such as acrylic storage. Unlike glass, it’s difficult to break acrylic so you can go wild with storage. If you need wall storage, this should be your go-to. From fridge drawers, serving trays, shelf dividers, and spice organizers to nail polish wall shelves, and more – the world of acrylic organization is at your fingertips. There are many options of acrylic wall toy storage, out there for your child’s room. Some exciting solutions you can look into include.

Acrylic floating shelves

Seeing toys everywhere is an indication that you’ve put your foot into a child’s room. When you see them nicely displayed shelves, you might get warm and fuzzy feelings. Toys on shelves just look good, and make a room feel more organized. Acrylic floating shelves are a versatile storage option for all sorts of books, fluffy toys, lego blocks, and more. It gives a child’s room a modern and sleek look at the same time. If you’re already sold, then visit Sorbus Home for the best acrylic floating shelves, to choose from.

Acrylic wall-mounted bins

Storage bins don’t have to only go on the floor. Surprise! They can be mounted on the wall to keep toys organized and off the floor. And let’s be honest, sometimes you want toys off the floor, and not all over the place. So this could be the ultimate choice to prevent clutter. Perfect for storing all sorts of toys, you can mount these bins to the wall at different heights, making them accessible to kids of all ages. And because it’s acrylic, you’ll be getting a clear view of all the contents.  

Acrylic cubby systems

The world is your oyster when it comes to using acrylic types of storage, like making use of cubby systems. Apart from storing different types of toys, these will help you get creative with your child. They have useful compartments, making it useful to categorize toys and for children to find and put away their items. You could put a label on each compartment, so when it’s cleanup time they can put the toys where they belong, and you could award them for doing so. Sounds like fun, right?

Acrylic display riser shelf

This is a classic one, and is one of our favorites for kid’s storage. Show off your favorite collectibles with the Sorbus Home display riser shelf! Made of acrylic, this 3-tier storage is a

Top Acrylic Wall Toy Storage For Kids’ Bedrooms

popular way to maximize valuable counter space. These are suitable if your child likes to collect little action figures, and maybe isn’t into big toys. They can keep collecting, while you rest easy knowing they’re organized. And I’m sure they’ll love the world to see their most loved little collectibles too! 

Maximizing Space with Acrylic Wall Toy Storage

There’s nothing worse than tripping over toys, or having boxes in every corner of the room, especially in a kid’s room. One of the biggest advantages of using acrylic wall storage is the floor space that it frees up. But it’s more than that because you can use acrylic bins to categorize toys. For instance, group similar toys together to make it easier for children to find and return items to their proper place. Then, use labels or pictures to indicate where each type of toy belongs. This helps children learn to organize their toys independently. To keep your storage system useful long-term, you should sort through toys regularly and remove items that are no longer used. Staying clutter-free is the name of the game.

Besides, there are some real benefits to creating a storage system that your child can follow.

Why Children Should Organize Their Toys

Teaches them to value their belongings.
It’s a way to create positive reinforcement instead of using unhealthy discipline.
Helps them work towards achieving success, by cultivating and utilizing his/her skills better
Makes them more confident and independent, contributing to higher self-esteem.
The child will respect and value work as a whole while they learn a sense of responsibility.

Making your child’s room a fun haven, while keeping organized is not as hard as it may seem. Not when the best acrylic storage solutions are yours to grab at Sorbus Home.

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