Top 6 States in Australia with Highest Job Opportunities

A large number of professionals and skilled workers who apply for Australia PR Visa from India every year opt for Australia Skilled Visa pathways in their applications. They are allured by the job market in Australia which has been performing exceedingly well in recent years.

The rate of unemployment in Australia continues to reduce while the growth of employment has been robust. Notwithstanding the economic growth, the labor market continues to witness a scarcity of skills.  

The Australian State with maximum job prospects varies according to a blend of factors like skills, industry, and job preferences. The vast nation has assorted economic activities and the job prospects are varied according to the States and Territories.

Some vital facts about the economic and job market outlook in Australia are:

  • Australia has 388,800 job openings in 2024
  • The top 4 cities with maximum job prospects are: Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast and Cairns
  • The GDP Growth increased in 2023 by 2.1% in Australia
  • The Minimum Salary for Temporary Skilled Workers has been increased to $70,000

The top 5 in-demand Occupations based on national job ads are:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Aged and Disabled Carers
  • Software and Applications Programmers
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Construction Managers

Top States with Maximum Job Opportunities

New South Wales

NSW is a thriving Australian State offering abundant job prospects across diverse industries. The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that job vacancies in NSW reached a new high in May 2022 at 145,000.

The job openings in NSW represent the overall national demand specified by ABS. Almost 1/3rd of the population of Australia lives in NSW and it is a hub for the innovation, business, and financial sectors in the nation.

NSW also has part-time job openings in sectors like Customer Service, Retail, and Hospitality offering flexible hours of work.  Sydney is the largest city in Australia and the economic hub of NSW. The city is a top destination for job aspirants with its abundant job openings in IT, Healthcare, Finance, Education, and Hospitality sectors.


Plentiful job opportunities exist in Victoria as well. ABS data reveals that job openings in the State reached 120,100 in 2022 May. The Australian State has a huge demand for Healthcare and Social Assistance professionals like Nurses, Doctors, and related Health Workers.

Further, the vibrant Tourism and Hospitality sectors in Victoria offer abundant casual and part-time jobs as well. Customer Service and Retail sectors are also popular among part-time job seekers due to the flexible hours of work. It is also an opportunity to enhance communication and interpersonal skills.

The Government of Victoria offers many programs to help job seekers which include the initiative Jobs Victoria. It supports persons inclusive of overseas students who are facing barriers in employment.

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia and the capital of Victoria has a thriving job market across diverse sectors. These include Education, Healthcare, Finance, and Hospitality and make the city an appealing destination for job aspirants.

South Australia

The capital of South Australia has an assorted economy inclusive of Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, and Defense sectors.

Australian Capital Territory

The capital of Australia Canberra is situated in ACT and is a hub for government jobs and allied sectors like Policy, Public Administration, and Research.


The capital of Queensland Brisbane has an expanding economy. It offers job opportunities in sectors like Agriculture, Tourism, Healthcare and Mining. Many people are attracted to the lifestyle and climate of the State.

Western Australia

The capital of Western Australia Perth is closely linked with the Resources and Mining sectors. Candidates having skills in Engineering, Mining, and related fields can find good job prospects in the State.

Northern Territory

The capital of the Northern Territory Darwin has opportunities in sectors like Tourism, Agriculture, and Mining. It offers unique prospects to individuals with specific skills.


Job aspirants must research the particular industry and domain that interests them and assess diverse factors while selecting the best State or Territory in Australia. Experience, qualifications, and lifestyle choices are the major considerations here.

Moreover, job prospects can vary with time and it is advisable that you remain updated with the latest labor market reports and job listings. Further, immigration rules and demand for specific skills can influence job prospects for overseas workers in Australia.

Looking ahead to 2024 and further, the job market outlook in Australia has its share of opportunities and challenges. The landscape requires the convergence of skills shortages, employer branding, and cost factors with an enhanced focus on making organizations future-proof.

Job seekers must support control, inquisitiveness, and constant learning to make the most of the opportunities.

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