Top 5 Best Exhibition Stand Builders in Geneva

Geneva is one of the major business hubs in Switzerland and hosts several prestigious trade shows and exhibitions every year. With increasing globalization, more and more companies look to target the European markets by participating in international exhibitions held in  Geneva. This puts pressure on event organizers and companies to set up high-quality, impactful exhibition stands within tight deadlines.

Here are the top 5 exhibition stand builders in Geneva who are experts in designing and constructing stands for trade shows and corporate events:


Expostandzone is one of the leading global online portals for exhibitors, suppliers, and organizers. Expostandzone has over 15 years of experience helping companies achieve their business and communication goals through customized exhibition stands and events. Some of their major clients include CERN, Pro Helvetia, Swisslos, and Energie Cites.

With our stand builders, you can save up to 40% on your next Exhibition Stand. We have an extensive and reliable network of more than (1700) suppliers in (80+) countries and (900+) cities to help you connect with the best stand design company. Our user-friendly portal helps you contact only verified and pre-screened exhibition stand contractors and exhibitors. We follow strict parameters before registering exhibitors, suppliers, and organizers.

Their in-house engineers and designers adopt a collaborative co-creation approach to understand clients’ brands, target audience needs, and venue requirements. Leveraging the latest CAD technologies and VR visualization tools, Expostandzone develops futuristic 3D concepts.

Their 5000 sqm facility near  Geneva airport is equipped with the latest woodworking machinery to fabricate custom exhibition stands within short turnaround times. Experienced project managers oversee all production stages as well as installation/dismantling at exhibitions.

Additional specialized services provided by SM Expo include graphic design, hosting, translation, transportation, and furniture rental. They ensure that stands meet all health and safety guidelines through rigorous quality audits.

2-  Triumfo International GmbH:

As the number one exhibition stand contractor in  Geneva,  Triumfo International GmbH has over 25 years of experience in the events industry. They have worked with 1000+ clients from all over the world, building displays at major venues like  Palexpo in  Geneva.

Triumfo is known for its innovative and futuristic designs that help brands stand out from the crowd. Using the latest technologies like LED walls, interactive kiosks, and multimedia features, they create engaging visitor experiences. Their expert carpenters, painters, and technicians ensure flawless execution within extremely tight deadlines.

The project teams are multi-lingual to communicate effectively with international clients. Triumfo offers one-stop services including graphic production, furniture rental, transportation, and installation/dismantling. They have in-house developing and prototyping facilities to refine designs. With ISO 9001 certification, customers are assured of quality control standards at every stage of production.

3- Radon exhibitions:

Established 20 years ago, Radon is a pioneer in the field of exhibition stand construction in  Geneva and Switzerland. Over 4 decades, they have emerged as a leader in designing modular, re-usable display systems. Radon believes in sustainability and re-uses exhibition materials like frames, panels, and furniture for multiple events, helping clients save costs in the long run.

The fabrication workshop located close to the airport enables just-in-time delivery of stands. Radon’s expert project managers coordinate all logistical aspects to deliver a hassle-free exhibition experience. They use cutting-edge 3D modeling and virtual reality tools during the design phase for accurate pre-visualization of complex exhibit layouts.

Radon is very particular about health and safety compliance. All their stands undergo rigorous testing as per global structure strength and fire safety certifications. Additional services include graphics production, signage, electrical works, and furniture rental. With a dedicated team fluent in French, English, German, and Italian, clients receive localized customer service.

4- Edelweiss Exhibition Services:

Established in 1993, Edelweiss Exhibition Services is a leading Swiss exhibition stand contractor in  Geneva for commercial and cultural exhibition fit-outs. They have built display stands for corporate brands as well as famous museums and art galleries in Switzerland.

Edelweiss takes a collaborative approach and involves clients throughout the design-build process via 3D modeling. They offer customized solutions tailored to exhibition themes, venues, and budgets. A wide choice of stylish modular furnishings along with multimedia features helps create visually striking stands.

Located near the international airport, their 5000 sqm workshop has state-of-the-art woodworking machinery and powder coating facilities. This allows the fabrication and finishing of high-quality components within tight deadlines.

Edelweiss also provides on-site supervision and technical support during exhibitions. Additional value-added services include graphics production, hosting, cleaning, and maintenance.

5- Creaconcept:

Established in 1992, Creaconcept is a boutique exhibition services provider with experience across consumer goods, industrial, healthcare, and research exhibitions. Their team of 15 expert designers, engineers, and craftsmen work closely with clients to deliver high-impact, yet cost-effective solutions.

Creaconcept takes pride in its Swiss craftsmanship and attention to detail. All stands are fabricated in-house using premium materials like wood, iron, glass, and fabrics. Their skilled painters and finishers use advanced techniques to texture and finish surfaces.

Some notable projects completed by Creaconcept include stands for Rolex, BMW, ABB, and EPFL research labs. Their well-equipped 1000 sqm workshop enables rapid prototyping, fabrication, and assembly of complex display structures within strict deadlines.

Additional services provided are graphics production, hostess support, transportation, installation/dismantling, and furniture packages. Creaconcept ensures flawless execution backed by its commitment to quality management systems and process controls.

Best Exhibition Stand Design in  Geneva:

Embracing the Elegance of Innovation: Welcome to  Geneva’s Exhibition Stand design and build. Our design seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with technological sophistication. The bold, minimalist architecture draws visitors into an immersive experience, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in various industries. Dynamic lighting accents illuminate displays, highlighting intricate details and captivating presentations. Interactive touchscreens invite engagement, offering in-depth insights and fostering meaningful connections. Sustainable materials echo Geneva’s commitment to environmental stewardship, reflecting a conscientious approach to design. From automotive marvels to pioneering healthcare solutions, each exhibit embodies the spirit of progress. Step into our world at Geneva’s Exhibition Stand, where innovation meets elegance with the help of an exhibition stand builder in  Geneva.

In Conclusion – Exhibition Stand Builders in  Geneva:

The above five companies have established themselves as reliable exhibition contractors in Geneva through their expertise, global experience, innovative designs, and quality service standards. By partnering with one of these trade show booth builders in Geneva, companies can showcase their brands effectively at prestigious international tradeshows and conferences held in this business hub of Switzerland.

The above five companies have established themselves as reliable exhibition contractors in Geneva through their expertise, global experience, innovative designs, and quality service standards. as

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