The Benefits of Recruiting Process Outsourcing with Taggd 

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), which is a method many companies use to enhance their hiring procedures, has turned into a transformative plan. Taggd, known as the Digital Recruitment Platform in India Inc., has been leading this revolution by providing Ready-to-Hire talent. Combining human knowledge and data, Taggd has achieved successful talent mandates for more than 100+ clients and ensured hiring managers’ success for half a million jobs across over 14+ sectors. Now we are entering the year 2024; it’s very important to understand what Recruiting Process Outsourcing brings and how Taggd is creating standards in this area.

Efficiency and expertise

RPO provides a strong solution for companies who want to enhance their recruitment process, and Taggd’s deep understanding makes it even more effective. Having the professional skills of Taggd allows businesses to greatly improve their hiring procedures, especially in reducing the time needed for hiring. With a large group of candidates ready for selection in advance, only top-quality people will be shown to those making hiring decisions which helps speed up the recruitment cycle. This is very important because it ensures that when there’s a high demand for skilled professionals, companies can quickly fill in the positions needed to keep operations running smoothly.

Access to quality talent

Taggd’s digital recruitment platform is very good at linking companies with high-quality talent. The companies that were surveyed in 2024 showed interesting data points: 40% of these expressed a positive hiring intent, while another 40% reported no change compared to last year. However, there was an expressed negative hiring intent by 20% as compared to the previous year. This shows a market with competition, where having good candidates accessible is crucial. Taggd’s full database and sophisticated matching formulas guarantee that businesses can reach highly skilled and fitting candidates, improving the total quality of their hiring choices.

Cost reduction

Recruitment can be an expensive process, as there are costs linked to advertising the job, checking potential employees and conducting interviews. Taggd has a flexible answer for this issue that matches the hiring requirements of businesses. By giving the recruitment task to Taggd, companies can reduce their spending on fixed expenses and direct more resources towards main business operations. The way RPO attains economies of scale suggests that businesses also enjoy lower expenses for each recruitment, resulting in significant monetary benefits.

Enhanced candidate experience

In this job market, it is very important to provide a positive experience for candidates. Those who have good experience with the recruitment process are more likely to accept job offers and also recommend the company to other people. Taggd helps in making sure that the candidate’s journey remains smooth and professional throughout. The use of their platform makes communication smooth, gives updates on time and ensures a clear hiring process. This not only improves the brand of employers but also guarantees candidates stay involved and inspired during their journey to get hired.

Flexibility and scalability

The needs of the business can change from time to time, so it’s important to have the ability to increase or decrease recruitment efforts as required. With RPO services from Taggd, you get this flexibility where you can adjust hiring volumes according to your company’s needs. If there is a need for more hiring due to starting a new project or reducing the number of recruits during off-seasons, Taggd offers this necessary flexibility. The adaptability of this method guarantees that companies can react quickly to alterations in the market situation, while still making sure to bring in high-quality talents.

Focus on core business

Taggd handles intricate recruitment methods such as finding, checking and bringing in new workers. This lets companies put more attention on their main business tasks. The complexities of recruitment processes, including finding candidates from various sources, evaluating them through multiple interview stages and finally onboarding the selected ones can be managed efficiently by experts at Taggd. This allows the company’s internal HR teams to concentrate on strategic initiatives and developing employees. Such a shift does not just boost total productivity but also empowers HR departments to contribute more effectively towards the growth and success of the company.

Data-driven insights

Data, in the current digital era, is a strong instrument for wise choices. Taggd uses data analysis to give a useful understanding of the recruitment procedure. It helps companies comprehend their hiring requirements more precisely and make strategic changes by studying trends and patterns. As an example, let’s consider the hiring plan based on work experience in 2024. It indicates that about 57% of new hires are predicted to fall into the category of experience under 5 years, approximately 22% within a span of six to 10 years, around twelve per cent from eleven through the fifteen-year range and finally nearly nine per cent possessing professional expertise exceeding fifteen years. These details assist in customizing recruitment methods for businesses so they can aim at appropriate talent groups properly.

Industry-specific expertise

The hiring needs of every industry are different, and Taggd’s RPO services are designed to match these special requirements. Taggd has a presence in over 14+ sectors, giving them deep knowledge about different industries and understanding their specific details. For instance, the IT sector is predicted to have a positive rate of hiring at 10% in 2024. This type of detailed understanding of each sector makes Taggd able to give specific recruitment solutions that match the unique needs of different industries. This guarantees clients receive top talent which suits their organizational culture and ambitions.

Vision for the future

Taggd is not only paying attention to now, but they also have a vision for the future. The aim of fulfilling 1 million jobs using their talent platform by 2025 shows Taggd’s dedication to linking people with chances. This thought about what’s ahead makes sure that Taggd keeps on being inventive and flexible in the changing field of recruitment, giving clients advanced answers for their present and upcoming requirements.


To end, the advantages of Recruiting Process Outsourcing with Taggd in 2024 are many. It can improve efficiency and reduce expenses while giving you a chance to access high-quality talent and manage the candidate experience effectively. Taggd’s focus on data, expertise in certain industries, and dedication to future expansion make it an outstanding partner for any company that wants to enhance its recruitment process. Using talent acquisition companies, companies can reach their hiring aims and stay ahead in the market competition. As we approach 2025, Taggd’s visualized dream of fulfilling 1 million jobs highlights its commitment to linking people with suitable opportunities – every single time.

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