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Contrasting Sri Lanka tours you can opt for if you are visiting the Emerald Islands

sri lanka tour packageTouring is a delightful experience for both children and adults. Visiting nearby local attractions and manmade wonders are routine events that everyone do it routinely, but going out of your country to witness extraordinary sights and participating in adventurous activities can be exhilarating experience. Most people will opt for a African safari or Mexican beach experience if they are coming from Europe and other northern parts of the world. if you are a resident of the Gulf and residing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Riyadh a Sri Lanka tour package from Dubai can be a great nature tour because the Emerald Island has tremendous wealth of natural scenery, wild rivers, natural waterfalls and a coast line that expands to a thousand odd kilometers. Sri Lanka located in the   Indian Ocean and a short trip from UAE by air. The island has deep rooted history with religion namely Buddhism and Hinduism thus have many temples carved out of mountains and gigantic statues of Lord Buddha. This is one of the reasons why foreigners flock to the island as the religions happens to be the largest among others.

Your Sri Lankan tour package can be divided in to 3 general categories of tourism and they are

  1. Cultural and religious tours
  2. Wildlife tours and nature loving
  3. Beach resort tours & adventure sports activities

Cultural and religious tours

These tours are organized by your tour operator residing in Dubai, UAE and you can choose your itinerary according to your taste, economy and holiday duration.  One of the reasons why you must choose Sri Lanka as a cultural tour destination is that the country has a long history of cultural activities by different sects over 2,500 years. the cultural tours will revolve between the three most important earlier capitals like Anuradhapura, Kandy and Polonnaruwa. Here you are likely to come face to face with some of the astonishing monuments created by Buddhist monks and missionaries of Christianity.  These above mentioned cities of Sri Lanka posses the cultural heritage of the country that dates back to several centuries. Cultural  tours in Sri Lanka is always fascinating because it encompasses the entire island where  you will see trace of ancient culture and history in the form of cave temples carved out of rocks, hills and mountains and some of the biggest Buddha statues found in the world. Some of the top temples built by history in Sri Lanka will include the Sacred Tooth Temple.

Sri Lanka Wildlife Tour Packages

Sri Lanka has high quality national parks numbering 10 and you can judiciously mix them to suit your trip. The Udawalawe National Park known for its collection of elephants top the list. The national park is not just known for its elephants but also wildlife species like leopard, jackals, crocs, monkeys, peacocks and water buffaloes. This is something different from what you see in the modern tourism developed by conventional establishments.   You can actually book a tour with your tour operator who offers Sri Lanka holiday packages from Dubai.   The jungle safaris are conducted with the help of 4-wheel drive jeeps that starts at day break of in the late afternoons when the wildlife species are likely to be sighted in large numbers. The tours are assisted by qualified and licensed guides who observe all the safety measures to the book and safely bring back guests to their hotels rooms. The national parks here are filled with some 80 species of mammals which include large herds of elephants.

Ramayana Tours In Sri Lanka

If you come from the sub continent or Indians living abroad you must be deeply engulfed in the epic tale of Ramayana. Ramayana is a religious saga that engulfs both the Indian sub-continent and is specially highlighted during the celebration of Dussehra in India. The story of Ramayana is repeated year by year and the Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka are spun around the story and the tracking down of various pieces of history scattered in the island nation. If you have read or witnessed the play of Ramayana you also know that how the demon king Ravana abducted Sita, wife of Prince Ram and how Rama with the help of Hanuman and his tribes rescued her. You will find the tour engrossing and delightful as the tour operators try to recreate the epic by visiting places where the saga was conducted.

A quick trip might not be enough for you because there is so much to discover here, but you can choose a short tour to visit some of the amazing natural scenes, landscapes, historical structures, and landmarks. The majority of Sri Lanka’s income comes from well-managed tourism, and your local travel agency may arrange the greatest Sri Lankan travel package for your annual vacation, honeymoon, or sightseeing excursion.

If you wish to opt for any of the above mentioned tours you can get in touch with NeLanka Travels and book yours by dialing the numbers +94 777 664 333, ​+94 66 4933 213 or sending mail to ​nelankaholding@gmail. com.


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