Redefining Premium Branding: Luxury Rigid Box Packaging Strategies

It is a famous saying that “luxury does not mean expensive anymore it is all about the details”.

Consider a premium skincare brand that launches a new line of anti-aging creams. To emphasize the exclusivity and quality of their product, they choose to use luxury rigid boxes with a soft touch matte lamination finish. Starting with having luxurious materials used to create the product to even the finer details that are seen in the finished product, luxury products are always the result of good design and engineering of every detail. For luxury products that seek a way of associating their products with better quality, then custom-printed rigid boxes are perfect since they give the product the ability to make a statement even before it is out of the packaging.

The Impact of Luxury Packaging: Elevating Brand Perception and Consumer Appreciation

As people notice how they look, products feel good about themselves and they are respected in equal measure, luxury packaging is a powerful tool that creates an impressive first impression of premium products before the consumer or customer has a chance to even touch or feel it. Luxury rigid boxes with subtle feel finish such as soft touch matte lamination, spot UV, foil stamping, die-cut windows make brand to be taken seriously and have their products appreciated as soon as they are picked. This makes the consumers ready to perceive whatever is placed inside as a premium product and a luxury item.

How to lift the Brand Positioning with Materials and Printing

In rigid packaging, the kind of material and the process of printing influence the purchasing trend of the customers. For example, brands can elevate their positioning by: For example, brands can elevate their positioning by:

  • Visually applied with thick premium papers and boards (14pt – 24pt) that give a premium, luxurious feel to the touch.
  • Adding velvet or linen box finishes to embrace a velvety, soft touch
  • Doubling up the foil or having a debossed look for a more formal look and feel
  • To add further innovation, one can include blind embossing or opt for curved inflexible boxes for a sleek, luxurious appearance.
  • Promoting sustainability as a luxury consumer value through the incorporation of FSC-certified paperboards

Through the use of such materials, brands can design a package that deserves the high-end price tag and the product that goes in it. It conditions the consumers to accept the brand as deluxe, exquisite, and associated with the feeling of luxury before they even lay their eyes on the products.

Standing Out Through Customization

In a world of new product launches every day, and so many similar products flooding the market, custom-printed rigid boxes help established premium brands to differentiate their products by using exclusive designs available for the particular brand only and not to the competitor brands. Each brand is unique and has a unique history; bespoke packaging gives brands the space to give their independent story a relevant appearance that would fit the brand aesthetic.

Be it through unboxing where the product is presented in a box that is different from its packaging, extra finishing to the packaging, or a reworking of the structural design of the packaging; all these lead to creating customized packaging that gives the products a prestige feel and supports brand identity. In much the same way that high-end fashion houses drop small capsule collections that are bespoke, each time a new luxury product comes to market, personalized-printed boxes ensure that each launch is that much more exciting, memorable, and deserving of luxury status in the eyes of the customer.

Luxury packaging: trends & imperatives

This will be even more so the case over the next decade as consumer values, the proliferation of technology in packaging, and manufacturing capabilities rapidly advance; positioning packaging as a critical factor in creating and reinforcing premium brand imagery. Some innovations that will redefine luxury packaging include:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) The physical item can be designed in a way that users can interact with it via AR without the need for a separate app
  • Smart Packaging – This can add smart sensors in the packaging with location, temperature, and tampering, among other indicators for a classy and luxurious delivery service.
  • Sustainable Materials – Recycled paperboards for print, biodegradable plastics and plant-based substrates for packaging, and other sustainable materials are vital for being eco-friendly and luxurious.

However, these innovations are for the future the traditional aspects of luxury packing will still be based it on details. The fabrics, print methods, personalized images and even the magnificent packaging associated with the product elicit a sense of response and form an emotional bond with the product; these are the things that scream luxury rigid packaging to wise consumers. The high-end brands thus get a sturdy packaging surface on which they can reimagine the concept of luxury and design the packaging as befitting the products.

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