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How to Get an 8+ Band Score in IELTS Writing Section?

The IELTS writing section is one of the parts of the test where students face issues. It is because here you can given any of the topics that you cannot even imagine. However, working on it can be daunting without any proper guidance. In this, to aid learners, the introduction of the IELTS mock test was done. They are available for every IELTS section. Practising it allows aspirants to boost their speed and know the pattern of the exam.

But here, the question is how to get an 8+ band score on the writing test. Well, if you want to know, read the below article. Here, the mentioned tips will help you in getting your desired result. Before starting that, let’s know about some points about the writing test.

Points to Know While Taking the IELTS Writing Section

The IELTS writing section is a vital component of the whole IELTS exam. Unlike the listening and speaking parts, many students believe it is more difficult. It is one of the most demanding parts of the IELTS test. Because for its preparation you have to write on several topics. Also, considering some points can aid you in scoring good marks in it. Want to know about them? Read the next section.

Understand the Task Type in the IELTS Writing Section

The IELTS writing task consists of two types, which you need to do. The time given for it is 60 minutes. In the first one, you need to sum up the details from the given charts, graphs or more. In contrast, you can also get a picture, diagram or process to explain. It is advised to perform this task in 20 minutes and write at least 150 words in it.

In addition, in the second task, you have to write about the given topic. It can be a point of view, problem or argument. Here, the offered topics will be relevant and interesting. In this, you need to write the topic in depth instead of mentioning general details. For this task, try to write at least 250 words and spend a minimum of 30 minutes.

Know About the Marking Criteria

The marking criteria of the IELTS writing section are based on the following things:

  • Response of the Task:In this, the examiner checks whether your description matches the task or the topic. In addition, the test checker also reviews whether you have written more than the asked words or not.
  • Cohesion and Coherence:Under this, the examiner checks if your opinions are easy to understand or not. Apart from that, the test taker also verifies the flow of writing and whether it is relevant to other sentences or not.
  • Grammar and accuracy:In this, the examiner checks the errors in grammar. Apart from that, the test taker also verifies the use of compound and complex phrases. However, to get a good score in this, correctly using them is essential. Also, the flow of writing should be accurate.
  • Lexical Resources:Here, the test taker checks your vocabulary range. In addition, the expert also verifies the repetition of thoughts. So, while writing, try to avoid these things. Apart from that, use the correct adjectives and verbs. For a better understanding of the section, you can take the IELTS mock test.

Know How to Start the Writing Section

Every student feels that the writing section of IELTS is daunting. However, with proper strategy, this situation can also be handled well. Here are three tips mentioned. It will aid you in acing the test.

  • Focus on Fulfilling the Task Need:Instead of writing all the details about the topic, focus on what the task is about and what it asks. Well, giving brief description about is not needed. Here, you will get the marks on the basis of your correct writing and coherence.
  • Use Several Vocabulary Ranges:In the IELTS test, it is true that if you use high-class English, the chance of getting good marks will become higher. However, it does not mean to write anything or mention incorrect details. You can include hard sentences but also write a simple one for understanding.
  • Maintain Speed: It is vital to know that the writing section consists of two tasks. So as per that, maintain your writing speed. In addition, to boost your speed, theIELTS mock test can aid you. Practising it daily can help you in both creative writing and speed.

Understand the Criteria Fixed for Each Task

Well, the marking criteria of each task are different from one another. For task one, the marks are given on the task achievement. It states that what you have written is clear to understand. In addition, you have provided a correct view of the given task by mentioning all points.

Apart from that, the marks for task two are also based on the way you respond to the topic. It means how well you describe the topic and your views on it.

With this, consider these points while giving the answer to the IELTS writing section. It aids you in offering a better understanding of the task. In addition, also helps you boost your speed. Moving forward, let’s know the tips for scoring good marks in the test.

Tips to Ace the IELTS Writing Section

With proper planning and strategy, a person can overcome anything. The same case also fits with the situation of the IELTS writing test. With the proper plan, you can ace this section as well. Want to know how? Read the mentioned tips.

  • The first thing to score good marks is to understand the question. In this, think about what the question is asking from you and what you have to do.
  • Take 5-10 minutes time to plan your answer. It aids you in arranging all your ideas in the correct flow.
  • When doing the task, write an introduction. It will help the examiner in knowing about the given topic.
  • In addition, while writing, support your essay by giving several examples. Through it, the reader will better understand the topic and feel relevant.
  • Lastly, provide a conclusion. It aids in summarizing all the details in the mentioned essay.

These are some tips that can aid you in acing the writing section. Furthermore, for better understanding, practising the mock test will help you.


IELTS writing task, no doubt, is one of the most difficult sections in IELTS. However, with proper planning and strategy, it can also be the easy one. For this, students need two things. First is knowing all things about the writing part. And the second one is practising it. Well, they can get these two things in one- mock test. To aid learners, this thing has come into practice. Through it, they prepare for the exam and score good marks in it.

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