Free Astrology Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer, a water sign, and Taurus, an earth sign, share a good bond and compatibility in a relationship. Both signs share a common affinity for home, comfort, family, and love, with a relationship built on a solid foundation of strength, emotions, and common concerns rooted in family ties.

Their Birth Date Compatibility Calculator shows an excellent affinity for support, patience and loyalty. They are well-matched and share standard views on many things. Taurus is very grounded, practical, and emotionally stable. Cancer, on the other hand, is more prone to mood swings and sensitivity.

The Moon, which controls the mind and emotions, rules Cancer, while the planet of romance and materialism, Venus, rules Taurus. When these two signs are in love, the situation is almost idyllic as they have an in-depth understanding of each other; with karmic bonds tying them together, they place a lot of value on security.

Taurus provides rock-like stability, while Cancer contributes with concern and empathy. The Moon rules Cancer, which explains its emotional nature. Venus, which represents love, is the Overlord of Taurus, with feminine energy ruling both signs.

Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

The general assumption is that Cancer, a water sign, and Taurus, an earth sign, are somewhat asexual and not inclined towards romance or sexual pleasures. One has to delve deeper to understand that Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality and romance, makes it a sign of physical pleasure.

Taurus may use the same approach of steadfastness to their sexual experiences and engage in sensual aspects that can be associated with Cancer, who likes proximity. Taurus, all about the touch, can help Cancer relax and build trust, which is vital in a relationship with a sign like Cancer. While
Cancer may be shy, Taurus is the sign that balances the sensual feelings.

While the Moon rules Cancer and Taurus by Venus, neither sign is proactive regarding their sexual instincts. So, a lack of this drive they share could make them seem asexual. Their Birth Date Compatibility scale shows a lack of Mars could make intimacy a struggle but both signs could do things for the home.


The relationship between Cancer and Taurus in the aspect of trust is enormous. While Cancer takes time to build a relationship of trust, Taurus is all about loyalty and trust. According to the Birth Date compatibility scale, both signs share a deep connection that can help them nurture their common interests and commitments to family, home, and love.

The water and earth signs share warmth and a deep sense of loyalty. Their complete trust in each other makes it easy to sort out any issues they may encounter and allows love to grow.

Communication & Intellect

Cancer and Taurus have different interests, but they can communicate easily. Although they are not great talkers or are not good at expressing themselves, their silent understanding can say it all. Their common grounds of discussion may be home, family and children. They may talk about other interests with a degree of sensitivity that can forge a deeper understanding.

While communication may not be their strong point, they silently understand each other’s feelings. The Birth Date Compatibility scale shows Taurus compensates with physical and material comforts, while Cancer uses emotions to show concern for the partner. On rare occasions, Taurus can be stubborn, making it difficult for Cancer, and both fall silent on each other.


Cancer and Taurus share deep emotions and a lot of warmth. Cancer’s compassion takes care of Taurus’s emotional concerns, and the latter gives Cancer security through materialism and the practical sense that Cancer needs. Both signs share the same values, although Cancer focuses more on emotions and Taurus on financial security.

Under supporting circumstances, they build on their emotions smoothly and are comfortable. Building on their love helps eliminate obstacles. However, according to the Birth Date Compatibility scale, if their silence does not translate into expressing emotions, they could feel disturbed and engage in conflict.


Both signs engage in love, peace and stability. They value things the Moon represents, including family, understanding, happiness and compassion. According to Birth Date Astrology, the Moon, which rules Cancer, is exalted in Taurus.

However, while Cancer looks for emotional security, Taurus looks for financial security. In the case of having a family, both values come to the fore, with the ability to provide stability and fulfil desires that help them focus on the actual value of money, among other things.

Shared Activities

Cancer and Taurus may share most activities, but if they are kept apart because of demanding careers and have no quality time together, they may prefer to eat, sleep and rest together, which gives them a sense of relaxation and peace.

The Birth Date Compatibility shows that both signs can share a great sense of comfort and rest and do nothing but stay connected and feel secure in each other’s company.


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