Transform Field Service Business with Field Force Management Software

A field service management software is an automation tool through which companies can optimize their entire business operations. 

Are you the one juggling to manage your field employees? Do you find it challenging to monitor their activities? We’ve got a solution for you! What is it? 

This solution is known as Field Force Management Software  It is a solution through which companies can automate their entire field force operations. It helps the management to monitor the activities of remote employees in real time. 

Whether it is the task or battery and network connectivity status, the software provides accurate insights into the precise whereabouts of employees. Let’s discover the features and benefits of the software in the upcoming section! 

Features of Advanced Field Force Management Solution 

Field force management software is a comprehensive solution to automate your entire business workflows. The software provides great features for a range of industries such as healthcare, retail, e-commerce, construction, and more. Some of the key features of Best Field Force Management Solution are as follows: 

  • Task Management System 

Task management software enables businesses to manage tasks more efficiently. The management can assign tasks in bulk on a monthly, yearly, and weekly basis. Furthermore, both the field executives and managers can edit the tasks as per the business requirements.

  • Attendance and Leave Management Software 

The attendance and leave management solution of field force management solution allows the field executives to mark the attendance remotely. From biometrics to facial recognition and geo-verified attendance, the software provides various attendance marking systems. You can also create custom leaves on the software as per your company’s leave policy. 

  • Order Management Software 

With order management software, companies can create, manage, and process orders while on the go. The management can create a selective product listing for each field executive individually. Additionally, the software provides custom forms and attachment options to make sure that all the important customer details are available on a single platform. 

  • Expense Management Software 

Another best feature of field force management software is the expense management system. It helps organizations streamline their claim and reimbursement process. A field executive can upload their bills on the software which can be further approved by the management at different levels in real-time. 

  • Auto-Generated Reports 

A field force management solution also provides auto-generated business reports to businesses. The manager can download the software-provided reports on total distance travelled, task vs. achievements, and many others for each executive individually. Additionally, the management can keep the backup of these reports for up to 6 months. 

Importance of Field Force Management Software? 

The best field force management solution streamlines entire business operations for businesses. Many industries like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, construction, publishing, and more invest in software to enjoy the benefits of the software. Some of the benefits are as follows: 

  • Improved Workforce Productivity 

Field workforce management software provides real-time insights into the precise whereabouts of field employees. From accurate time sheets to real-time task monitoring, it provides detailed information on each activity. As a result, the field executives work more seriously when they know that the managers are Gps tracking software their all activities. 

  • Better Allocation of Resources 

The biggest challenge that companies face in field force management is the allocation of resources. Imagine if you assign a client that is 30 km far from the residence of the field employee. It will not only limit their productivity but also cause travelling frustration among them. However, field force management software enables you to track the live location of field employees. These insights can be helpful in allocating the resources and assigning projects efficiently.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making 

Field force management software is the most valuable investment for businesses as it helps in overall business growth. It helps the management to save time in creating manual reports. You can download various auto reports on field employees from the software itself. As they say, the time saved is the penny earned, the managers can utilize the time to find bottlenecks and make more informed business decisions. 


If you are looking for a solution to improve your field force management, it is critical to invest in the best field force management software. TrackoField provides the best automation tool to optimize your field force operations. It provides custom solutions with great in-built features to empower your business. Want to try? Book your demo now!


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