Exploring West Lafayette for Higher Study Abroad?

West Lafayette, Indiana, home to Purdue University, thrives on a vibrant academic atmosphere and boasts a charming blend of collegiate culture and small-town charm. With its picturesque landscapes and diverse community, West Lafayette offers a welcoming environment for both students and residents alike. West Lafayette not only hosts domestic students but a large number of international students also get education in this city. 

Here, we would like to explore West Lafayette for higher study abroad in this article. 

Purdue Welcome Center at Purdue University. Purdue University is a public research university whose athletics teams are the Boilermakers. West Lafayette - Circa August 2020: Purdue Welcome Center at Purdue University. Purdue University is a public research university whose athletics teams are the Boilermakers. west lafayette stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Purdue University 

Purdue University is the university and a major educational institute in West Lafayette. This university Lafayette was founded in 1869 and its first classes took place on September 16, 1874. It has been ranked #99 in QS World University Rankings 2024 out of 1500 universities in the world so if you come to West Lafayette to study at Purdue University, you get a golden opportunity to study in one of the top 100 universities in the world. 

The university has excellent arrangements for not only education but also other activities. For quality education, there are the learned professors and lecturers in the university who provide education to students with a practical approach. Besides, there are wonderful libraries, laboratories, and other arrangements at Purdue University. 

Different sports activities are organized in the university from time to time. A lot of other activities related to arts and entertainment are also arranged at this university. Purdue University also boasts numerous student clubs and organizations based on distinct themes. In these clubs and organizations, students come together to appreciate art, celebrate hip-hop, build robots, keep bees, and for various other causes. Student support services are also available for students at Purdue University. 

Student Accommodation in West Lafayette 

When you enroll in West Lafayette, the major thing you need is accommodation and there are various student accommodation options available here. You can get campus accommodation at Purdue University. 

Besides, you also have the option to book off-campus student accommodation West Lafayette. There are two major off-campus student housing properties in West Lafayette, which are “Lodge on the Trail” and “Rise on Chauncey”. 

  • Lodge in the Trail 

Lodge on the Trail is chosen by a large number of students from around the world. It has the facilities for not only studies but also leisure of students. Here, you can find a study desk and chair and a study room for comfortable and focused studies. A Wi-Fi internet connection is also here to connect smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, netbooks, and tablets to the internet. A smart TV with a cable connection is also available here so you can enjoy watching OTT platforms as well as cable TV programs. 

On the complex, you can find a 24-hour fitness center for your workouts. A volleyball court and a basketball court are also here to play sports and have fun and fitness together. A swimming pool is also here and we can consider this also a fun and fitness feature simultaneously as swimming has numerous benefits related to fitness and there is great fun in swimming, playing in the water, and sitting on the deck. 

A parking space, 24/7 emergency services, etc. are some other features of this property. 

  • Rise on Chauncey 

Rise on Chauncey is another off-campus student housing West Lafayette with numerous features. Here, you can find a study desk and chair and a private study room for your studies. A television is provided to students here also. Moreover, the complex of this property also boasts a 24-hour fitness center and a swimming pool. Besides, there is a cinema in the complex for the entertainment of students. A music room can also be found here for more entertainment. 

There is an outdoor games area on this property. Students find a foosball table and a pool table to enjoy the games of foosball and pool with co-residents. Additionally, you can find a spa & sauna here. A clubhouse is available here for socialization of students. You can enjoy grilled food on BBQ available here. It is a pet-friendly property so pet lovers can take their pets here. You can park your vehicles safely in the parking space here. 

Places to Explore in West Lafayette 

Celery Bog Park Sign in West Lafayette, Indiana West Lafayette, United States – October 17, 2021: Photo of the Celery Bog Park Sign in West Lafayette, Indiana west lafayette stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

During your years of study and stay in West Lafayette, you can explore plenty of places in West Lafayette, which will be an amazing experience for you and will make your life memorable in this city. Some popular attractions in West Lafayette are Purdue University Horticulture Gardens, Fort Ouiatenon (an early French trading post), Purdue State Bank (an old 1914 bank building designed by the famous architect Louis Sullivan), Samara (John E. Christian House) (a Usonian home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright), Celery Bog Nature Area and Lilly Nature Center, Purdue Horticulture Park, and more. Purdue University itself is considered a great travel destination. 

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