Best Practices for Implementing Productivity Measurement Software 2024

What is Productivity Measurement Software?

Productivity management software is crucial in the modern working environment if you wish to give your best performance. This is essential to tackle the unreal workloads and pressures today’s employees face. Overall, optimizing time management and maximizing your efficiency will give you the most advantages, whether you are an employee or an employer. One solution these days is to pick and implement the best-fit productivity measurement software solution in your organization. However, not so fast. Following the best practices, legal, and ethical standards is also a must for the best output and staying away from lawsuits. Time-tracking software or software solutions for tracking times are tool packages that monitor and log work hours.

Of Whom?

  • Your entire staff and organization that includes your employees, you, and your employers. Overall, one time-tracking software for each system.  


  • You can configure the software to work as per your organization’s standards, employee monitoring rules, and policies.
  • The software will monitor and log the work hours on different activities and generate accurate performance reports based on your settings. 

Any Benefits?

  • We can see improved time management as one of the benefits.

Key Features and Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Not only improved time management but there are also other benefits of timesheet software. Today, we will take on the key benefits feature-wise. Didn’t understand what we meant. Let’s take a look below.  

More Focus Via Automated Time Tracking

Let us ask you a question. How much will be your work-focus if you are continuously monitoring the clock ticking? The answer is zero. So, what will you do? The answer is that you let the software for productivity measurement software the work hours. Overall, automated work-hour monitoring increases your focus and efficiency as you concentrate better on the task at hand.  

Timely Project Completion with Real-time Monitoring

Thanks to automated time-tracking your efficiency and focus have increased. However, you need more than focus and efficiency for timely project completion. The missing link is more productivity and real-time work-time utilization monitoring takes care of that. 

Accurate Payroll via Work-Hours Calculation

You never knew that using time-tracking software can also increase employee satisfaction. Did you? So, how does it work? The software accurately calculates the working and idle hours of you and your staff. Sending this data to your payroll tool accrues payroll, billing, and invoicing. Plus, it also keeps you more clients as there is no under or overbilling.  

Anywhere Tracking through Mobile App

What good a productivity measurement software will be if it doesn’t save time? Imagine, if you have to carry your laptops or personal computers wherever you go for on-field work. That too just for using the time-tracking software. We recommend using the mobile apps instead. 

Optimized Performance Evaluations with Performance Reporting

Your productivity measurement software not only monitors and logs your employees’ work-time utilization. However, it also makes accurate performance reports based on the logged data. This lets you optimize performance evaluations and make the best data-driven decisions for growth and success.   

Legal and Ethical Ways to Implement Time Tracking Software

So now that you have your time-tracking software, you know what it is, its features, and its benefits, you would want to implement the software and start boosting your time management. However, not so fast. It’s also essential to follow legal and ethical practices.  

Establish Transparency

You and your employees must have complete clarity on the productivity measurement software policies before implementation. Otherwise, it is almost spying on your employees, which is illegal and also reduces employee trust and productivity. Also, having employee consent before using time-tracking tools is a must. 

Follow The Laws

It is also essential to abide by the time-tracking laws and policies in your country and state before implementation. We recommend using software that is deemed legal under these standards.  

Protect Employee Privacy

The biggest concern when it comes to using employee monitoring and time-tracking is the violation of employee privacy. The best practice here is to monitor only what’s necessary.

Use Only The Best Software 

Using the best time-tracking software solves 99% of the legal and ethical concerns. Why? It’s because such software solutions come under the legal rules and have privacy protection measures embedded 


This wraps up our article for today on legal and ethical practices to properly implement time-tracking software in your organization. To summarize, time management software solutions monitor the work hours of you, your employees, and your employers and make the best reports for timely project completion via automated time-tracking that improves focus and efficiency. Furthermore, you also get additional advantages. However, following legal and ethical practices including establishing transparency, following the laws, protecting employee privacy, using the best software only, and signing employee consent is also a must. Speaking of the best productivity measurement software, we recommend DeskTrack.

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