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Bathroom Beauties: Top Tile Ideas to Revamp Bathroom Space

In modern homes, the bathroom serves as a haven for rest and renewal in addition to being a practical area. The atmosphere in this room greatly influences our everyday life, whether it’s a short morning ritual or a relaxing evening bath. Tiles stand out as particularly adaptable and transformational among the various components that add to their visual appeal and practicality. Exploring the world of bathroom tiles can be revolutionary if you want to update your bathroom and boost its decor. The choices are interesting and varied, ranging from cutting-edge modern trends to timeless classics. So, let’s find out some effective tile ideas that can transform your bathroom’s appearance and feel, giving it a sophisticated, cosy, and unique vibe.

Reasons Why Tiles Can Be an Ideal Choice For Bathroom 


Bathroom tiles are water-resistant by nature. They keep moisture out, shielding the walls and flooring from water damage. This feature guarantees longevity and lowers the possibility of mould or mildew development, keeping the area tidy and sanitary.

Maintenance Ease

Tile cleaning is a reasonably simple process. Water droplets, stains, and spills are easily wiped away because of their sealed, smooth surfaces. Simple cleaning solutions are also necessary regularly to maintain bathroom surfaces spotless with little effort.


Tiles are known for being extremely durable. They don’t lose their quality or beauty even in the face of everyday wear and tear, extreme humidity, and significant foot traffic. Tiles are an investment for your bathroom that will endure for many years if they are placed and maintained properly.


With the diversity in design with a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, tiles offer several options for expressing your style and creating the ambience you’ve always desired for your bathroom, from covering large expanses to creating visually striking focal points.

In the following section, learn how to revamp your bathroom with tiles.

How to Revamp Bathroom Space with Tiles?

  • Subway Tiles for Classic Style

Subway tiles are still a timeless option for remodelling bathrooms. Their elegant yet uncomplicated style can transform any area. Choose classic white subway bathroom tiles for a simple, classic design, or try experimenting with coloured or textured subway tiles for a contemporary update. Due to their adaptability, they can easily bring a touch of subtle elegance to your bathroom while complementing a variety of styles, from antique to modern.

  • Magic Marble

Marble floors are a symbol of elegance and refinement. Adding marble to your bathroom will improve its aesthetics right away. Whether Carrara, Calacatta or another variation, these marble tiles have an elegant and classic feel. With its inherent beauty, marble can be used for flooring, accent walls, shower surrounds, and more to create an opulent atmosphere that embodies refinement and grandeur. Just look for a ‘tiles dealer near me‘, and you will be loaded with many options offering marble tiles.

  • Bring Harmony with Hexagons

Tiles with hexagonal shapes have become popular for remodelling bathrooms. Their geometric charm gives the area enticing visual intrigue. These tiles come in a variety of colours, sizes, and textures and can be used in patterns to create a dramatic focal point for floors, walls, or even a backsplash. Make use of these tiles’ adaptability to give your bathroom a contemporary feel. You can easily find this tile range at your nearest tile shop.

  • Play with Patterns of Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles will provide a pop of colour and an exotic touch to your bathroom. These beautifully patterned bathroom tiles provide a bright and colourful atmosphere. Their striking patterns and vibrant colours provide character and an eclectic charm to any area, whether they are used as a backsplash, shower walls, or floor covering. They take you to a realm of artistic expression and cultural diversity.

  • Add Serenity with Natural Stone 

Recognise the pure beauty of natural stone tiles to infuse your bathroom with a serene, organic feel. With their unique textures and earthy colours, these tiles, which come in slate and travertine varieties, give your space a cosy vibe. Use them as accent pieces or on the walls to create a spa-like refuge that connects you with nature and delivers unparalleled luxury.

  • Marvels of Mosaic

Customisation and inventiveness are possible with mosaic tiles. You can make intricate patterns and designs with these small-sized tiles since they are available in a variety of materials, colours, and forms. Mosaic tiles give a customised touch that infuses your bathroom design with a feeling of creativity and personality, whether they are used to accent particular areas, adorn a feature wall or serve as a decorative border. Mosaic design tiles are also quite common and can be easily discovered at your nearest tile shop.


In conclusion, many options are available when you upgrade your bathroom with beautiful tiles. Every type of tile can breathe new life into your interior, from traditional styles to eye-catching patterns. Visit the Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Bhagalpur, Bihar, to explore the largest collection of bathroom tiles. The wide selection ensures you’ll discover the ideal look to turn your bathroom into an exquisite haven.

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