Astrological Remedies for Gand Mool Dosha in Birth Chart

Gand Mool Dosha is a very inauspicious Dosha in Vedic astrology. It forms in a birth chart when the Moon is placed in one of the 6 Gand Mool Nakshatras. Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshta, Moola, or Revati are the 6 Gand Mool Nakshatras. If other important planets in the birth chart are also unfavorable or afflicted, the Dosha will be stronger. The Gand Mool Nakshatras are ruled by the planets Mercury and Ketu.

There are 27 nakshatras in astrology and the moon spends one day in each nakshatra. While transiting from one nakshatra to the next, sometimes the moon will be placed partly in one nakshatra and partly in the other. Gand Mool Dosha forms in the birth chart if the Moon is present in any of the four Padas or divisions of these nakshatras at the time of a person’s birth.

Some believe that people born under these nakshatras are cursed and inauspicious, due to which they will have to endure many ominous situations, challenges, and obstacles in all aspects of life.

According to astrology prediction, a person born in a Gand Mool Nakshatra is prudent, generous, and proactive. They feel happy to help others and are friendly with everyone. They have a special power to attract other people and form relationships with others easily.

They are also thoughtful and have the intelligence and confidence to solve their problems on their own. They are very enthusiastic in all matters.

Such natives will do well in academics and excel in every subject. They tend to be impulsive. These natives will fight hard to accomplish their objectives. They are straightforward, frank, talkative, and have open minds.

They take care of their health and do not entertain bad thoughts. People trust them because they have a sensible approach and make sound decisions.

How Gand Mool Dosha Forms

There are many reasons for the formation of the Dosha. They are given below:

Saturn Conjunction: When Saturn is in conjunction with malefic planets in the birth chart.
Position of Saturn: Both the high and low position of Saturn can lead to the formation of the Dosha.
Defective House: When Saturn is in a malefic house in the birth chart.
Malefic Nakshatra: When Saturn is in conjunction with malefic Nakshatras in the birth chart.

Effects of Gand Mool Dosha

People born with Gand Mool Dosha might face many problems in life. Their parents, siblings, and relatives, too, could be affected. Due to these natives, there could be many issues in the family. They and their loved ones may face obstacles in their endeavors. The native may have an unstable mind, financial problems, endure loss of property, problems in conjugal life, and many health issues.

Let us see the effects of Gand Mool Dosha
• Both the father’s and mother’s families could face dangers
• Domestic animals like cattle may face problems
• Money loss and financial crisis
• Lack of satisfaction and problems in the family
• Problems with parents and siblings

Remedies for Gand Mool Dosha

The good news is that astrology offers many remedies for Gandmool Dosha. Here are some of them.

Gand Mool Dosh Nivaran Pooja

Gand Mool Dosha Nivaran Pooja is performed to please Saturn/Shani. Shani’s blessings can eliminate the Dosha.

Gand Mool Dosh Nivaran Pooja brings many benefits:
• The affected person experiences peace and happiness in life.
• The problems related to finances, business, family, and health will be resolved.
• The Pooja can bestow patience, stamina, and strength to overcome challenging situations.
• One can gain the blessings of Shani and be protected from his wrath.
• It protects the native from the impact of evil planets and negative energies.

Chant Mantras

People with Gand Mool Dosha can chant auspicious Mantras like Shani Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, and Navagraha Mantra for relief. These Mantras can help nullify the ill effects of Gand Mool Dosha.

Make Donations

Giving donations to the needy helps reduce the effect of the Dosha. When worshipping Shani, donate urad dal, sesame, and kidney beans regularly.

Gemstone Therapy

Wear a blue sapphire as a ring or a pendant. This stone is associated with Shani and helps pacify Shani. But one should wear it after consulting an experienced astrologer. One can also wear onyx.


Observing a fast on Saturday pleases Shani and helps mitigate the negative effects of Gand Mool Dosha.

Chant Mercury and Moon Mantras

Chant the Mantras of Mercury and Moon. If the Moon is in Mercury-ruled stars- Ashlesha, Jyeshta, and Revati, chant the Mantras of Moon and Mercury. Chant the Moon’s Mantra, ‘Om Sri Somaaya Namaha’, and the Mantra of Mercury, ‘Om Sri Budhyaaya Namaha’ or ‘Om Bum Budhaaya Namaha’,’ 108 times.

Chant Ketu and Moon Mantras

Chant the Mantras of Ketu and Moon if the Moon is in the Ketu-ruled stars- Ashwini, Magha, and Moola.

Wear Green Clothes

If the Moon is in Mercury-ruled stars, wear green-colored clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Wear Brown/Grey clothes

Wear brown or grey-colored clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays if the moon is in Ketu-ruled stars.

Eat spinach and feed cows

Consume spinach frequently and also offer spinach and grass to cows in a gaushala/cow shelter on Mondays.

Become more spiritual

On Wednesdays and Mondays, try to focus on spiritual activities if the moon is in Ketu-ruled stars. Try to avoid physical intimacy.

Chant Ganesha Mantra

Chant Ganesha Mantra, ‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha’ 108 times daily if the moon is in Gand Mool Nakshatras.Find clarity and direction: Chat with Astrologer for Astrology Consultation. Illuminate your path with cosmic insights.


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