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Andar Bahar Card Game: Jeeto88

If you are searching for a thrilling and quick-paced card game originating from India, Andar Bahar India Card Game is the ideal choice for you. Also known as Katti, this game has become extremely famous in recent times, both in India and internationally. This comprehensive guide to playing Andar Bahar, includes, strategies, tips, and rules to help you triumph, you will have a decent understanding of the game and be ready to try it out for yourself. 

Finest Online Casinos to Play the Andar Bahar Card Game

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1 Winbaji  2,500+ 96.35% Rs. 1,00,000
2 Kheloo  2,300+ 98.50% Rs. 80,00
3 Jeeto88  1,100+ 97.54% Rs. 50,000
4 88cric  1000+ 96.45% Rs. 35,000
5 Cricbet88 1000+ 95.81% Rs. 25,000

Andar Bahar Indian Card Games Rules 

The Andar Bahar game is simple to learn. The game is played with a conventional deck of 52 cards, and the aim is to guess which of 2 piles the Joker card will be dealt to. 

The game starts with the dealer placing an individual card facing up in the middle of the tale. This card is called the Joker card, and it decides which pile the ensuing card will be dealt to. 

The players then place their bets either on Andar the pile to the left of the joker card or Bahar the lot to the right of the joker card. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer starts dealing the cards to the 2 piles. 

The dealer will proceed to deal cards to each pile until a card that matches the Joker card’s value is dealt. The lot that attains the same card is the winning lot, and all bets placed on that lot are paid out. 

If the initial card dealt to Andar matches the Joker card, the game concludes swiftly, and all bets on Andar are paid out. The same applies if the initial card dealt to Bahar matches the Joker card. 

How to Play the Andar Bahar Casino Card Game

To begin the game, you need a group of players and a deck of cards. The dealer shuffles the cards and places 1 card facing up in the middle of the table. This card is known as the trump card or the Joker and it will decide which side the select card will appear on. 

Next, the dealer asks the player on his right to select whether they wish to bet on Andar or Bahar. Then, the dealer deals one card facing up on each side of the Joker card. 

If the selected card emerges on the side side as the initial card, the player who bet on that side wins the round. If the selected card emerges on the opposite side, the player who bet on that side triumphs that round. The winner gets back their bet and an extra sim equal to their bet. 

It’s a game of chance, so there’s no certain strategy to succeed. However, a couple of players believe they can forecast which side the selected card will emerge depending on patterns in the cards that have already been dealt. 

The game advances this way until everyone has had an opportunity to bet. The player with the majority of chips at the end of the game is declared the successor! 

Let’s take for instance 2 clubs, 2 spades, 2 hearts, and 2 diamonds are the joker cards, suppose A bets that the same joker will be dealt to Andar while B bets that the same joker will be dealt to Bahar. The dealer would then begin dealing the cards on either side one at a time, Let’s consider that 2 diamonds is the initial joker dealt on Bahar, in this instance, Player B would win the sum. Now that you know how to play the Andar Bahar card game, let’s look a little closely at its tricks and tips. 

Tricks and Tips for the Andar Bahar Card Game 

Andar Bahar is a game of chance, so no flawless strategy warrants a win. However, there are a couple of tricks and tips for Andar Bahar that can assist in increasing your chances of succeeding. 

One strategy is to follow the cards that have been dealt. By doing this, you can get an idea of which lot is more possible to attain the matching card. For instance, if numerous high-value cards have been dealt to Andar, then it may be more probable that the matching card will be dealt to Bahar. 

Another tip is to begin with small bets and slowly increase them as you attain more experience. This will assist you in lowering your losses and elevating your winnings over time. 

It’s also critical to select a trustworthy and reputable online casino when playing the game for actual cash. Look for casinos that are regulated and licensed, and that have a decent reputation for security and fairness. 

By following these tricks and tips for the Andar game, you are sure to improve your game and win more rounds. 

Odds and Probabilities of the Andar Bahar Game 

While Andar Bahar is effectively a game of possibilities, you can refer to probabilities to help inform your bets and predictions, as well as check if the game has an approving house edge. 

The game utilizes an individual standard 52-card deck, so once the Joker card has been announced, there are 3 cards out of the remaining 51 that can match its rank, or 5.88% of the leftover deck. In the majority of games, cards are drawn to the Andar box initially, which means a matching card has a 51.5% possibility of emerging in the Andar box, while there is a 48.5% probability it will fall in the Bahar box. 

These probabilities and the payouts in play also decide the game’s house edge. As you can view in the table below, switching the payout can modify the RTP for various bets by over 2%: 

Bet Type  House Edge  RTP  Payout 
Andar  4.72% 95.28% 0.85:1
Andar  2.15% 97.85% 0.9:1
Bahar  5.43% 94.57% 0.95:1
Bahar  3.00% 97.00% 1:1

Pros & Cons of Playing the Andar Bahar Card Game 

Pros  Cons 
Simple to learn and play  The gameplay could get repetitive 
Broadly accessible at leading online casinos in India Might not appeal to players who like skill-dependent games 
Entertaining side bets for extra ways to win 
Simple and quick-paced gameplay
You can play both live versions and RNG. 

Play Andar Bahar Card Games on Mobile 

You don’t require access to a laptop or computer to enjoy playing the exciting Andar Bahar game at top online casinos in India. There are endless fun Andar Bahar titles on leading mobile gambling platforms and casino apps such as the Jeeto88 online casino app, a platform that uses HTML5 technology to provide quick loading times, effortless gameplay, and high-quality graphics on tablets and smartphones. 

There are also advantages to playing at mobile casinos beyond access to the most famous Andar games. Leading mobile sites offer the majority if not all, of games you’ll discover on a desktop, besides quick withdrawals and deposits, complete access to your gaming account, and client support alternatives. If you wish to download free apps for India’s finest online casino experience, just visit the Winjab website and follow the instructions. 


  • How many players can play the game of Andar Bahar? 
  • The Andar Bahar game can be played with any number of players. However, it’s normally played with 2 or more players. 
  • What is the variation between Andar Bahar and other Indian card games such as Rummy and Teen Patti? 
  • The primary variation between Andar Bahar and other Indian card games such as Rummy and Teen Patti is that Andar is a game of chance, whereas Rummy and Teen Patti are skill games. In Bahar, players just place bets on whether the card will emerge in the Bahar and Andar pile, while in Rummy and Teen Patti, players have to use strategy to develop succeeding hands. 
  • What is the importance of the Andar and Bahar piles in the game? 
  • The Andar and Bahar piles are the 2 lots of cards that are used in the game. The Andar lot is the pile of cards placed on the dealer’s left-hand side, while the Bahar lot is the pile of cards placed on the dealer’s right-hand side. Players place their bets on which lot they imagine the chosen card will emerge in. 
  • Is the game of Andar Bahar a luck or skill-based game? 
  • Andar Bahar is mainly a game of luck, as players just place bets on which lot the chosen card will emerge in. However, a couple of players might use particular strategies, such as tracking the cards that have already been played, to elevate their chances of succeeding. 
  • Can the Andar Bahar Card Game be played with actual cash? 
  • Indeed, Andar Bahar can be played with actual cash in both online and physical casinos. However, it’s critical to make certain that the casino you are playing at is licensed and legitimate to operate. 
  • What are the minimum and maximum bets permitted in the Andar Bahar Card Game? 
  • The maximum and minimum bets permitted in Andar Bahar differ based on the online or casino platform you are playing at. Normally, the standard bet is around Rs. 10, while the maximum bet can go up to multiple lakhs of rupees. 
  • Is it legal to play the game of Andar Bahar in India? 
  • Andar Bahar is legal to play in India, both in online and physical casinos. However, it’s critical to ensure that the casino you are playing at is licensed and functions within the guidelines set by the government. 
  • What are the different variations of the Andar Bahar Card Game played in various areas of India? 
  • Andar Bahar is mainly played in its standard form across India. However, there might be slight variations in the gameplay and rules based on the region. For instance, in a couple of regions, players may use an individual deck of cards instead of several decks. 
  • Andar Bahar Vs Poker Card Game
  • 2 broadly played card games, Andar Bahar and Poker, have distinctive features and attract various sorts of players. Poker is a skill-dependent game played with a 52-card deck, where players aim to make the finest hand and use strategies such as reading competitors and bluffing. In comparison, Andar Bahar is a luck-dependent game played with an individual deck, where players bet on whether the ensuing card will fall on the Bahar or Andar side. Poker offers a competitive experience, attracting strategic thinkers, while Andar Bahar offers a more social and casual gaming experience. Overall, Poker emphasizes strategy and skill, while Andar Bahar depends on simplicity and luck. 

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