All You Need to Know about F1 Study Visa: Pune Experts

Pune has always been the hub of technological novelty and economic progress. It is a cultural city in India with many best education abroad experts. Thousands of students seek help for their study visa process due to their world-class service. Also, to realize their dream to pursue studies in a foreign country. The international study experts in Pune are pioneers in providing the best guidance in terms of migration abroad. Students from various parts of India prefer to choose an educational overseas adviser based in Pune owing to their top standards in this process.

Now you know why you should choose experts from Pune for your student permit process. Let’s read below to understand what is an F-1 visa for learners.

What Is an F1 Study Visa?

F-1 is a type of non-immigrant study visa that grants foreigners to pursue academics in the USA. For this type of permit, students expected to maintain a complete course of education. They can stay in the US for up to 60 days beyond the length of time.

However, F-1 visas provided only in U.S. embassies and consulates outside the United States. In addition, extensions of stay and changes of status may be possible within the USA. Also, for this permit, student must prove that they can support themselves during their stay in the States.

Thus, if you accepted at a U.S. college, you will need to apply for an F-1 visa. The standard to apply for this are:

  1. Having accepted at a college in the United States, which is a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified college.
  2. Must carry proof of financial ability to calrify that you can bear the course cost.
  1. Should be able to prove your intention is only to go to the USA to gain studies and not to seek residency.

The process itself is not lengthy and takes a few minutes generally. But the preparation needs longer, and the questions will be unique as they will flow from your answers. So, read below to get tips for your preparation.

F1 Visa Interview Preparation

It’s said that the “first impression is a last impression” of a person. So, students should make sure to leave the best impact on the interviewer in their interview process. Read below to find some preparation tips by international study experts for successful visa procedure:

  1. Being Appropriately Dressed:

The first impact made the minute you walk through the door. It is important to dress accordingly. So, wear light or neutral colors also you should avoid accessories as they cause distraction from your words. Well-ironed clothes and polished or presentable footwear look elegant and professional. In addition, wear something that you are comfortable with and can move easily in it. Since a close fitting collar or tight dress may make you fidget and look uneasy.

  1. Correct Greetings and Salutations:

If English is your second language then you may find the conversation and greeting difficult at first. Don’t get scared, practice with the study abroad consultants in Pune and before you know it, you will be comfortable with the language.

  1. Being Organized and Carrying All the Documents Needed:

A well-structured file, divided into subsections with all your records and cataloged can be a great aid for you. Also, this will help you to create a favorable impression of your being a well-organized and mature person. Have your documents ready, but do not pull out a single paper unless the Visa Officer asks. The records are to carried in case of need only. Be aware of the F-1 study visa cost and carry appropriate payments with you.

  1. Being Well Informed:

It is important to prepare for answers that relates to your questions. Such as your plans related to study, living place in the USA, finance and motivation etc.

These questions may be personal, but are an important part for the interviewer these help them to know more about you. You can prepare by reading details from your submitted admission essay and SOP.

Above you got to know how you can be well prepared for the interview. Now, read below to get the information about the documents you should carry for your F-1 study visa process.

Important Documents to Carry for Your Student Visa Interview

Keep the all important documents is a well-planned way, like split into sections and cross referenced them. It is a great method to make the interview process easy for yourself while making a good impression. Below is the list of papers you must bring for this procedure;

  •  Passport
  •  Passport Size Photographs
  •  Any Receipts (MRV, SEVIS fee)
  •  Visa Interview Appointment Letter
  •  10th and 12th Mark sheet
  •  GRE/GMAT/SAT Scorecard
  •  IELTS/TOFEL/PTE Result Card
  •  If you have been working and are applying for a PG course then the Joining Letter, Salary Slips, LOC
  •  ITR
  •  Loan Papers (if a loan have availed)

Thus, this was the list of records you should carry with you during your interview process. Further, for prepare yourself in a proper way, read below to understand the types of questions that can asked by the interviewer.

Types of Questions That Can Be Asked in Your Interview

The study visa interview officer’s primary motivation is to scale two important inspections. One is that you can afford to study and come back from the USA. The second gauge is that you don’t have any intention to settle in the U.S.

Their questions range from simple information to exploring. That will relate to your plans to determine your honesty and intent.

Some samples of F-1 interview questions:

  •  What are your reasons for choosing this specific college?
  •  Which institutes did you apply to (both admits and rejects)?
  •  Where did you complete your schooling from or bachelors?
  •  What was your previous GPA?
  •  Why not study in India?
  •  What is a profession of your father/mother- what do they do?
  •  What is the annual income of your family?
  •  How do you plan to manage your healthcare and other expenses you will incur?

These types of questions the interviewer may asked in the interview. This process is difficult for students. They have to prepare themselves. But if you are lacking in any step, get help from the best international study experts and practice with them.


This was all about the information you must know before applying for immigration. From the article, you get to know about how much F-1 student visa procedure is a very complex. Hence, it calls for professional guidance for a smooth visa attainment. So, getting aid from study abroad consultants in Pune can be the best decision for you.



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