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Ahmedabad Experts: Know How to Ace IELTS Speaking Section

When it comes to English language tests, the name of the IELTS test comes to mind. Well, there are two reasons for it. First, it is very famous among everyone. And the second is it holds a good reputation in all countries and their colleges. However, the fear of the IELTS speaking section also comes to mind. Let’s be real, it is one of the difficult parts of the test. But with advancement, things have changed. With the launch of the IELTS speaking mock test, students get some relief. Through it, they get the real environment of the test. In this, to aid you more, the IELTS Ahmedabad experts have mentioned here some tips to ace this section.

Want to know what are these? Read the article and know all about it. But before that, let’s first read about the IELTS speaking part.

IELTS Speaking Section

When it comes to the IELTS speaking section, students often feel daunting. Well, for this, they have two reasons. First, they interact with the examiner. And the second is they feel nervous when it comes to speaking English. In this, both the reasons are obvious because this is not their native language. It is well-known to everyone this section consists of three parts. The first is an introduction, the second is a cue card, and the third one is a discussion. Also, the time given for this IELTS part is between 11-15 minutes.

It was all about the IELTS speaking section and its format. Moving forward, let’s read the tips to ace all parts and score good marks in it.

Tips to Ace the IELTS Speaking Section

IELTS speaking task is not an easy thing to tackle. It needs lots of practice and guidance to ace the test. To aid you in this, here are some tips that are stated section-wise. So, let’s read about them.

IELTS Speaking Section I

The IELTS speaking task first is like a daily talk between two people. It is more like to be an introduction section for you with the examiner. Here, the test taker asks you about yourself, your family, your interests, hobbies, and more. So, in this with confidence, one should reply to the questions. Moving forward, let’s know the basic tips you can use in this section.

  • When giving the answer to the examiner, remember your answer should not be too long or too short. For example, if the test taker asks you whether you like painting? Giving the answer, “No, I do not like” is not good. Know that you are here to show your speaking skills. Keep this in mind while replying to the question. Here, you have to answer in two or three lines.
  • Another thing you can do when answering these questions is to answer naturally. Like, you speak to your friends and family, talk with the test taker. Also, while giving the answer, try not to look down. It will reflect that you are nervous. In addition, show your lack of confidence in front of the examiner.
  • Apart from that, try to make eye contact with the examiner when replying. Maintain a normal volume of taking, not too low nor too high. Also, for guidance, you can take the IELTS speaking mock test. It will provide you with an actual environment, and you will be able to boost your confidence.

IELTS Speaking Section II

The second task of the speaking section is well-known as the individual part. Here, the examiner provides you with a cue card. It consists of the topic and some questions related to it. On the basis of it, you have to talk about that for two minutes. As the topic is unique, and the preparation time is less often, students feel it is daunting. But using the mentioned tips can aid you in acing this IELTS speaking section and scoring good marks.

  • A general misconception every student has is not considering the topic. As stated above, there are some points mentioned in the cue card. Learners, on the basis of it, give the answer. Instead, plan your answer like this, in which all the points get covered. For this, in one minute of preparation time, gather your views and arrange them in a way that replies to all the things.
  • The second thing you can use is the preparation time for structuring your topic. It aids you in mentioning the key points that you have in your mind about the topic. To ace this, practising theIELTS speaking mock test aids you. It will boost your creative thinking, and you will be able to arrange your views. Also, in the IELTS exam, you will be able to answer the question at a given time.
  • Another thing while speaking about the topic, is not to focus on your mistakes. It diverts your mind from the topic, and you will make more errors. However, if you can correct them within time, it is OK, but if not, then do not waste time.

IELTS Speaking Section III

The speaking section III is a discussion session based on the second part. The questions asked in this are more specific. In addition, need you to answer them with clear explanations and examples. In this, you can use the following tips:

  • When giving the answer, do not try to complicate it. Keep the discussion casual and simple. However, if you can use the vocabulary, be with it.
  • For the test, practice the pronunciation of the English words. It aids you in tackling the speaking section. Also, assist you in making a good image in front of the examiner.
  • In addition, try to provide detailed answers to every asked question. For this, you can also take the help of relevant examples as per your topic.
  • Apart from that, while answering, try not to make grammatical errors. For this, you need to practice a lot.

These are the following tips that aid you in acing the speaking section. One thing that is common in all parts is practice. So, practice the more you can. Furthermore, for guidance, the experts at IELTS classes Ahmedabad are there to aid. They have years of experience in this and provide you with the right guidance.


The IELTS speaking part is one of the daunting tasks where students often face issues. To overcome it, one thing they need to do is practice. Well, it applies in all areas. Furthermore, you can also use the mentioned tips to ace your speaking section. In addition, for more help, take the guidance of experts at IELTS classes Ahmedabad. The coaches there give you the right advice and aid you in scoring your desired marks on the test.

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