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A Useful Guide: Transcript Certificate for Trivandrum Students

Trivandrum is a city with 95 percent literacy rate in the southern part of India. Here students are running behind top-quality education which can be found while studying abroad. Moreover, it is not ease as it required a lot of documentations, one of which is transcript certificate. It is also called an academic transcript or transcript of records. It is issued by a learning institute. It also serves as proof of your skillfulness. Thus, the study abroad consultants Trivandrum advise wards to get this certificate for higher studies.

Also, it contains vital details about the students. These details include the name of the student, the institute as well as board of education. Based on this certificate, the committee knows your eligibility for the opted course. In this article, you will learn more about the academic transcripts.

What Is a Transcript Certificate?

A transcript certificate is an official document issued by your educational institute. The certificate also includes data on the subjects and their marks in your academics. An academic certificate consists of the following crucial details:

  • Name of the institute
  • Address of the institute
  • Accreditation of the institute
  • Name of the student
  • Date of birth of the student
  • Name of the degree/course pursued
  • Duration of the course
  • Date and year of course completion
  • Subjects list studied by the student
  • Marks earned by the student per subject
  • Student’s secured marks

After exploring what this document includes, it is time to move ahead and explore different types of it.

Types of Transcript Certificates

There are two types of transcript certificates issued by the learning institutes. In this section, you will learn about the two types of it in brief.

1. Official Transcript:

These documents are certified by the known college and contain the record of courses, exams and marks. Thus, they are called official transcripts. Also, institutes submit them via mail to the institution the student opted for.

2. Unofficial Transcript:

Copies of students’ grades without a stamp or certification are called unofficial transcripts. Also, you can download it from your college’s web page with your student account.

So, till now you have gained a brief on the types of transcripts, but to explore its importance, you need to read further.

Why Is It Vital for Students to Study Abroad?

In this section, you will learn the vital roles of transcripts as per the study abroad consultants Trivandrum. Thus, here are some of the key benefits of an academic transcript:

1. Transfer of Institutes:

The executive of a institutes reviews the certificates of the wards and analyses their eligibility for admission. Also, an academic transcript acts as a main document for students who wish to transfer to a new institute. Thus, this gives them a bonus of transferring credits while switching institutes.

2. College Admissions:

A transcript certificate gives the admission office staff the required details. Thus, these are a must to know the eligibility of a student for the college. Moreover, it reduces the time taken by the reviewers to verify many documents.

3. Placements:

A few placement agencies and firms need certificates during interviews. This helps the interviewers to know the student’s calibre. Thus, based on their performance, they select them for the best job roles.

In the upcoming section, you will also learn about how to apply for an academic certificate in detail.

How to Apply for a Transcript Certificate?

As per the study abroad consultants Trivandrum, the following are the steps for applying for transcripts.

1. Contact the Institution You Opted for:

Reach out to the registrar’s office or academic services of your college. Request details on the process for obtaining an official transcript.

2. Fill Out the Form for Transcript Certificate:

Most colleges have a formal form that needs to be filled out. Give precise as well as right details needed for the transcript certificate request.

3. Fee Payment:

A few colleges may also charge a nominal fee for the process and issuing transcripts. Thus, you must make sure to pay the needed fees without any delays.

4. Processing Time:

The time taken for transcript process may vary. Thus, it is advisable to start the request before any application deadlines. Also, some colleges offer extra services for an extra fee. Thus, you can receive it early, if you need the transcripts urgently.

5. Delivery Options:

You can also specify your preference for the delivery methods. Moreover, they are sent directly to the recipient. Thus, it is not crucial to be from an educational firm, employer or coordinator.

6. Verification and Authentication:

In a certain case, the college may offer options for verifications or authentication of transcripts. This is also vital for study abroad programs. This is because here only systemic processes are needed.


In this article, you learned that a transcript certificate is a crucial document for a student. It is advised to the study abroad aspirants to have this certificate. As you learned, it is an official document issued by your learning institute. This also includes all the crucial details about the students and their qualifications. Moreover, there are two types of transcripts with different significance. Also, there are various benefits of this certificate. Some of them are during school transfer, college admissions as well as placements. Furthermore, you came across the process of applying for the academic transcript in the article above.

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